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I see the way things are at my kid's high school, the LGBTQ kids are open about it, and nobody bats an eye, they don't get bullied (no reported incidents at least). The school has a Gender Sexuality Alliance Club. They had the pre-prom "red carpet walk" last November and many same sex couples walked confidently and were cheered by the families there to witness the event.
It's a far cry from how it was in my high school days and it's encouraging to see. It's much easier and safer for these kids than it used to be, though certainly still not perfect.

We should absolutely not be doing anything to counteract the progress that has been made.
Here's the text of the bill in question. Short read.

Most media sources are defining 'primary grade levels' in Florida as K thru 3rd grade children....generally 4-9 years old. Not specified in the bill and perhaps should be.

I think the bill is an intentionally vague mess and basically unenforceable and will lead to tons of lawsuits on both sides. It’s a political stunt by DeSantis.

I’m honestly more concerned with the increase in casual homophobia amongst the right wing Twitter set as well as the return to kicking gays/trans for votes in a way that I thought we had left behind. It’s quite concerning. I’m also aghast st the casual use of the term “groomers” as well as thinking that calling folks pedos is somehow acceptable political language. It cheapens actual abuse, and is the lowest possible form of political discourse.

There’s also nothing more sexual about heather having two mommies compared to Pedro having a mom and a dad. Only conservatives turn the existence of same-sex parents into an imagined discussion about fucking. It’s literally just “Pete and Chasten have twins.”

So over being used as a political punching bag.
I think the youth saves us here. It’s just not a big deal or any deal at all with the kids. It’s a shrinking base grasping and unfortunately hurting on their way out

My hope is it drives activism and voter turnout
The irony is this battle against public education is so the Right can groom kids into Christian nationalism with home schooling
Progress can't be stopped... but the old white men will keep trying...
Honestly, GFYTarget.

Thanks for the Pride gear, but if you pull goods from the shelves at the slightest hint of the very online fascist anti-gay right being upset or not buying your gear, then you aren’t an ally. Allyship is sometimes difficult and uncomfortable. It could possibly affect your bottom line. [emoji33]

But you keep going. Because you are an ally.

Otherwise, it’s just marketing.
Congratulations USA on going backwards day by day

Protesters brawl as Southern California school district decides whether to recognize Pride Month

GLENDALE, Calif. (AP) — Protesters briefly scuffled and punches flew Tuesday as a Southern California school district decided whether to recognize June as Pride month.

Several hundred people gathered in the parking lot of the Glendale Unified School District headquarters, split between those who support or oppose exposing youngsters to LGBTQ+ issues in schools.

Some opponents wore T-shirts emblazoned with: “Leave our kids alone.”

It was the same slogan used by some demonstrators last Friday outside Saticoy Elementary School in Los Angeles to protest a planned Pride assembly.

As in Glendale, police officers had to separate groups of protesters and counterprotesters who came to blows.

Across the nation, Pride month celebrations are kicking off amid rising backlash in some places against LGBTQ+ rights. Community parade organizers, school districts and even professional sports terms have faced protests for flying rainbow flags and honoring drag performers. While some Republican-led states are limiting classroom conversations about gender and sexuality and banning gender-affirming care, some Democratic cities and states are seeking to expand LGBTQ+ rights and to honor the community’s contributions.
Pat Robertson — who blamed gay people for hurricanes and 9/11 — is probably not today where it is he thought he would be the day after he died.
Pat Robertson — who blamed gay people for hurricanes and 9/11 — is probably not today where it is he thought he would be the day after he died.

This is what happens when people and politicians stoke the flames of hate

BBC News

A US shop owner was shot dead after a dispute over a Pride flag displayed outside her business, police say.

Laura Ann Carleton, 66, was found with a bullet wound at her Mag Pi shop in Cedar Glen, California, on Friday.

A suspect - who fled the scene on foot - was killed by police when found nearby, allegedly still armed.

Ms Carleton was described as a "wonderful friend" by Hollywood director Paul Feig, who posted an image of them together.

The suspect made "disparaging remarks" about the rainbow flag before shooting the victim, police said. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers then located the suspect, armed with a handgun, the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department said.

At this point, "a lethal force encounter occurred and the suspect was pronounced deceased".

Feig - known for films such as Bridesmaids as well as the Freaks and Geeks TV series - said his friend had been shot after confronting the suspect for ripping down the flag.

In an Instagram post, he said he was "devastated" for Ms Carleton's family and the LGBTQ+ community, "for whom Lauri was such a true ally".

"This intolerance has to end," he wrote. "Anyone using hateful language against the LGBTQ+ community has to realise their words matter, that their words can inspire violence against innocent loving people."

Local group Lake Arrowhead LGBT said the incident marked a "very sad day" for the area and that Ms Carleton, a "friend and supporter", would be "truly missed".

She was "murdered defending her LGBTQ+ Pride flags in front of her store", the group wrote in its own Instagram post.

"Lauri did not identify as LGBTQ+, but spent her time helping & advocating for everyone in the community."
Over a flag

And then the suspect received the same fate, as he was shot by police.

So much hate, easy access to guns
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