Detective needed: Bono’s old car

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Aug 25, 2021
Yes I recently purchased one of Bono’s early cars that has a crazy cowhide interior.

It’s currently being refurbished in North America and needs a lot of work.

I was hoping longtime hardcore U2 fans here could help provide some information on the details of the car.

Bono donated the car for a charity auction in 2000 related to famine relief in Ethiopia. Pepsi Cola Ireland bought the car. It has changed hands quite a bit but is now in the states as of last year. There are various articles online about the car, including old ones from Showbiz Ireland and numerous other outlets when the car has been auctioned in the past, but details are still relatively scarce about Bono’s time with the car.

Does anyone have any background, stories or pictures related to this car that are not otherwise readily available online?

For instance, a friend pointed out the picture in the link below (thank you BonoComet!) which one can tell is the car in the background because of the cowhide interior. I don’t have any other context about the picture - where is that “Way Press International” Pop era photo from?.

Bonus: I am happy to offer you to take a complimentary free spin in Bono’s car to anyone who can assist me with this research project with meaningful new info. The car will be stored in the NYC/Philadelphia area and is available to drive shortly!

Many thanks! ???
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