Achtung Baby 30th Anniversary Releases & Promo

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Well I did it. I splurged and got this. I really wish they’d have a comparable Unforgettable Fire pressing as the one I have sounds like shit. That 2008 master is brutal in the high end. So much shrill sibilance.
I grabbed the trucker hat and zoo station Tee.

I'm debating grabbing the vinyl locally.

If money was no object I would've also grabbed the black hoodie, baby beanie, ornament, and necklace/pin set but alas... lol
Ah jeez, I just noticed that they buried the Space Baby pin(?) in a $170 set. Bummer!

If anyone insists, there are a couple of things I would ask for for Christmas or my birthday, but I've really only ever been interested in Zooropa and Pop wearables. If/when they get collections I'll probably still hate everything because U2's merch design taste has never really aligned with mine, but I will somehow justify spending money on it I'm sure.
Chubby Fly? I dunno. I guess MacPhisto would be more accurate this time...

The only reason I would want an Achtung 30 tour would be that it would almost guarantee Bono changes up his glasses.
Having re-read that, I think what he's saying is that the concept of "Zoo TV" might come back, rather than an anniversary staging of it.
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