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Sep 18, 2023
Hey everyone,

I'm a huge fan since Boy, available only on vinyl back then.

I'm the same age as the band members, exactly a year younger than Edge.

The first time I heard a U2 song I was in college at a party and the live band played I Will Follow; I was immediately entranced. A few weeks later I was walking past a record store and heard I Will Follow blasting from the store speakers. The U2 Album 'Boy' was proudly displayed at the front counter. I bought it and have never looked back.

My first U2 concert was the original Joshua Tree tour in Vancouver BC in 1987. Since then I have seen them a handful of times:
Actung Baby tour
Zoo TV tour
Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary

I have a massive collection of U2 memorabilia from all over the world including a copy of U2-3

I'm super excited about seeing U2 in The Sphere in a few months.
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