Sphere Show #1 Setlist Party

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Mar 6, 2010
Puerto Rico

Hello to all the lurkers and anyone else who is not in Las Vegas at this moment and wants to do a good old-fashioned setlist party for this first show. Grab a bite to eat and get your adult beverages ready to go. [emoji3]

A lot of firsts tonight! First U2 show since December 2019, the very first event at the Sphere, the first time anyone will hear all songs from Achtung Baby in a live setting and the first show with another drummer in more than 40 years.

Doors open at 6:00 PM, Pauli the PSM is the opening act for all shows and will start at 7:30 PM. U2 probably on stage between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM is my guess.

ACHTUNG, Y’ALL! :rockon:
U2Community just shared a statement from Bono on X:

‘These dry and dusty desert days and nights are enchanting but the enemy to singers and performers… and some in particular - ie me.

The great Dean Martin kept his voice match-fit with a scotch and soda, or maybe it was apple juice…

This singer is struggling to take a much more scientific approach to performing in the desert than usual... fusing an atom of honey with atoms of H₂O in the petri dish that is a cup of tea is where I’m at!

And a lot of voice rest…no talking…and that one is not easy for me! I always want to get out to see you… But that’s not possible this time around…But I’ll see you in there…We are so ready for liftoff!’*

About 4.5-5 hours to go. :crack: I’ll fight sleepiness tonight, but not sure about the other 24 shows. :lol:
I think he just wants to protect his voice and is probably going to be in a bubble for most of the residency. Wouldn’t be surprised if he asked for humidifiers in his hotel or dressing room.
I think he just wants to protect his voice and is probably going to be in a bubble for most of the residency.

They should ALL be. They’re already one man down with 25 shows ahead that are an expensive destination affair for the overwhelming majority of attendees.
Doors are open! No turning back now.


HAHAHA rail looks hilariously not worth the trouble, as we all suspected
i presume the cell and wi-fi signal inside the sphere during the show is going to be shitty on purpose, to make it harder for streamers.
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