The Definitive What The Heck Are Those Shades Bono is Wearing Thread

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Some pics.





As far as i understand Bono wears onstage the Puple (lavender), a pink (which doesn't look to be avail for sale), and a blue....but is this the Custom Blue or the Blue Water shade?

nVM: just saw the post with email response stating the CUSTOM are the see-thru like Bono's.

Too bad his Pinks aren't available
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If you watch the middle e-stage portion of the leaked Paris HD concert, you can clearly see Bono is wearing mirrored blue lenses. Not sure if they are custom or one of the available colors. At the beginning and end of the show, he is wearing lavender. I guess he changes during Invisible and then again later in the show.

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I got mine today too fellas, lavender and blue. The packaging is beautiful but I was really disappointed in the lenses. I was hoping they would be as transparent as the ones Bono wears. In all the photos I've seen of Bono wearing these (even in daylight or regular light indoors) they are as transparent as pairs he's worn in the past. In other words you can see his eyes clearly. When you look at these they are mirrored, even in brighter lights. Plus the custom colors Revo offered look much darker than what Bono wears. I'm sending mine back. Hopefully they will make them lighter and clearer in the future. Vision over Visibility indeed ;)
Just got mine today too. Like DD said, the packaging is great and top notch. The case is hard and will protect your frames well.

Now the details: The frame is large like Charleswise said so if you have a big sized melon, these will fit fine. If you have a smaller head, then these will look HUGE on your mug. The Lavender lenses, however, are a different story. They are not as transparent as Bono's but I do like them and plan on keeping them.

I used my 10% off Welcome coupon at the time of purchase so I saved a few bucks. I am glad I didn't buy them in different colors though.
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Ive been going thru pictures from the 12 i+e shows i attended this yr, and i only see evidence of him wearing the purple (lavander) and pink on-stage. Are we sure he's actually wore the blue onstage? The odd pic here or there that appears to be blue coukd be lighting hitting the purple.....

Also, what about the aviators (blue and pink) thats he's been wearing off-stage arriving at venues. Have those been found to avail online anywhere? (Not sure if they are a Revo model)
Does anyone have pictures of the Stargazer with blue lenses?

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Perhaps these are the Zifi model Revo offers?

So far I only saw him with "Raconteur" aviator model from Revo. But sometimes he has custom more see through lenses then the available in store.
Got 2 pairs and they are grey : nice look and comfy to wear.
Hi Guys!

Here is the response from Revo when I told them that I was returning my sunglasses. It confirms that the lenses may be different than Bono's:

I'm so sorry to hear that you are disappointed! The custom lens colors made for the capsule collection are less mirrored than our traditional Revo lenses, but the ones Bono wears are custom-made for him and may have differences in appearance than the ones we can sell.

I believe they are very different from a transparency level with addition of some mirroring. The frames and packaging are nice though. And as Bobby said, they are Huge - sort of like Milki's :)
I too got the same response from Revo: "The collection was made in collaboration with Bono, but Bono wears custom-made lenses made specifically for him and his needs, so they may look different! The VoV capsule lenses are less opaque/mirrored than the typical Revo lens palette. "

Oh well. I'll still keep them as its the closest thing I can get.
I got it when I signed up to be on their email list several months back. I was waiting for that email to come introducing Bono's sunglasses line and when it did, I got a pair.

I registrared on Revo site and didn't get any sort of 10% off Welcome coupon..... Where'd you get urs?
Sorry I don't have pictures to offer, but I have seen (and tried on) the blue stargazers. Imo they were hardly mirrored. Sure they weren't as translucent as Bono's, but they were still more see-thru than they were mirrored- if that makes sense.
The biggest disapointment to me was that they were not as 'light' blue as the website picture. It was the Custom Blue that were ordered, and yet The shade of blue (indeed tested in different lightings, and on/off face) was much darker than that pictured- in fact it was almost identical shade of blue to the website picture for the BLUEWATER lens.

Can anyone comment on how close the lavender lens is to the website picture provided?
I'd say that Bono has definitely been wearing these "less transparent" ones of late, especially in the European shows. Looks like them to me. Maybe he ran out of customs from giving so many away lol
Oh sorry, i just realized you probably meant Bono's own personal custom ones.

The ones Revo is offering that seem to be less transparent are called Custom Lens on their site (but are not identical to Bono's own personal custom made ones)
I dunno about that. The ones he's been wearing onstage lately (second half of the show maybe?) look like they come straight off the Revo website (custom or not) and as pictured by people's photos, above. ie, less transparent, more "mirrored"
I agree GVox - the photos I've seen this week on FB look very much like the lightly mirrored blue version....damn, shouldn't have sent mine back so soon ;)
Gabe, when you're doing shows with Acrobat, do you really wear sunglasses similar or identical to Bono's?

Only identical. I don't even own any "similar" ones lol. Although, I do own colors in the identical models that are either never/very rarely worn by him, because I liked them also. My other personal shades are nothing like his, really. More up to date :wink:
Sorry, I had a mistake. Right is: 1st pic: water blue serillium, 2nd pic: blue. :bow:

BTW answer from REVO :sad::
Hi Martin,
I'm sorry you are disappointed! The capsule collection was made in collaboration with and inspired by Bono, but unfortunately his actual glasses are custom-made for him and unavailable for sale. Have a Fantastic day!
Revo Support

Here are some pics of my REVO Stargazer. 1st pic: blue serillium, 2nd pic: water blue. I hope, it will help. :up:

I love these sunglasses. They are a little tight on my temples but nothing that a quick adjustment can fix. If I REALLY REALLY want the Lavender lens, I can bring it in to my local sunglasses store and they can easily match it and install them. But for now, I'm happy with the original Lavender lens.
Just got mine.
Lavander are clearly mirrored.
Green are more see through and look like one of models Bono was wearing during Bercy concert.
But I am clearly disappointed with Revo,
Because we are in Europe they made us pay 40$ for shipping including fees... Bad news is that I had to pay 150$ of import charges this morning in order to get my shades...
Next time I will buy them to another website because 360$ for one Stargazer is too expensive. I can understand this price for a pair of Mikli. Not for a pair of Revo.
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