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FOR SALE these 3 Bono sunglasses:
All sunglasses are BRAND NEW, never worn!!! :cute:

Bvlgari 629 - Vertigo era - very rare! :drool: 190 EUR
Marc Jacobs 227 - "Invisible" videoclip and Bono wore them offstage, this model recently is discontinued, not available, out of stock! :love: 190 EUR
Exte EX7/S - Vertigo era. 70 EUR - BUT they are FREE! (bonus, gift) if you buy previous both sunglasses! :applaud:

The price for Bvlgari 629 and Marc Jacobs 227 is only 350 EUR + Exte free !!! :drool:

For more info:

I just ordered these guys - I know they are not the exact same pair, but I do like them (thanks for posting). I'm most curious how the lenses will look. Will they be see through similar to Bono's or opaque? I'll let you guys know once they arrive. Cheers!

Got the glasses in today - unfortunately they are going back. The lenses are mirrored.
Hi my dear collectors! :wave: So my latest photo of my personal Bono sunglasses collection in 2015 :drool:. I´m moving to other place and it was a good reason to take some photos. Thank you very much for your help to create me this collection! I really appreciate it! :hug: But some models are still missing :sad: - pls help me to find them - some other colors of Alain Mikli 3214 or other models... e-mail me
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NEW YORK - Bono, who has had problems with his own vision, is partnering with a company to provide better eye care to the underprivileged.
The "Buy Vision, Give Sight" campaign with eyewear brand Revo is designed to raise $10 million for screening, eyeglasses and other assistance to the impoverished. Revo will donate $10 for each pair of eyeglasses it sells, and the U2 frontman will introduce his own line of Revo sunglasses, which he's been wearing on U2's sold-out tour, in the fall.

Bono, who was diagnosed with glaucoma two decades ago, says his eyesight is OK now. But in a Thursday statement, he said "tens of millions of people around the world with sight problems don't have access to glasses, or even a basic eye test."
He called sight a "human right."

The 55-year-old rocker is known for his activism and philanthropy.

Brien Holden Vision Institute to Implement Program with Local Partners

NEW YORK, July 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eyewear brand Revo and U2 lead singer Bono announced a partnership today to help prevent vision impairment and blindness in more than 5 million people by 2020. The initiative, dubbed "Buy Vision, Give Sight," will drive $10 million to the fight to improve access to eye screening, prescription glasses and eye health care in under-resourced communities around the world.

A photo accompanying this release is available at

When a consumer purchases a new pair of Revo sunglasses, $10 from the sale of every pair, up to a total of $10 million, will be donated by Revo to the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" (Revo) initiative. To execute the initiative, Revo and Bono are partnering with the non-profit Brien Holden Vision Institute (Brien Holden Vision Institute), whose mission is to provide sustainable solutions for eye care and end avoidable blindness and vision impairment in under-resourced communities. The funds donated by Revo to the Brien Holden Vision Institute will help pay for basic eye care services, such as eye tests and prescription glasses, and build stronger eye care services in target communities for the longer term by training local people to provide eye care and detect eye diseases in their communities. The majority of Revo's contribution to Brien Holden will support their "Our Children's Vision" campaign (Brien Holden Vision Institute) whose aim is to prevent impaired vision and preventable blindness in more than 50 million children by 2020. A portion of the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" funds will also be used for eye health medical research.

An estimated 625 million people are unnecessarily blind or vision-impaired worldwide. According to the Brien Holden Vision Institute, almost 75% of all vision impairments including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, un-operated cataract and glaucoma can be prevented or cured with access to preventative eye care and treatment, including prescription glasses.

Bono, who has a long track record in global health, particularly as an activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, was diagnosed with glaucoma 20 years ago. His experience with glaucoma, for which he has been able to receive excellent treatment, has made him determined to find a way to increase access to frontline eye health services for others. The U2 singer will appear in Revo advertisements and campaign materials supporting the initiative.

"The 'Buy Vision, Give Sight' campaign is a very personal one for me," said Bono. "Thanks to good medical care my eyes are okay, but tens of millions of people around the world with sight problems don't have access to glasses, or even a basic eye test. Poor eyesight may not be life-threatening, but it dramatically affects your life and your livelihood if you aren't able to fix it. When we met with experts, they said the number one problem is untreated poor vision, which prevents a child from learning in school, or an adult from performing their job. Sight is a human right and the 'Buy Vision, Give Sight' initiative will help ensure millions of people have access to the eye exams and glasses they need to see."

Bono added: "With Brien Holden, we found a partner doing remarkable work, hand-in-hand with local communities. It's mind-expanding what they are achieving; we're very excited to work in partnership with them and Revo."

Yehuda Shmidman, CEO of Sequential Brands Group, the owner of the Revo brand, commented, "We are very excited about this partnership. Revo's pioneering lens technology has always put eye-health central to Revo products and we believe Revo buyers will embrace the idea that their purchase is helping someone else. We're proud to support Bono and the Brien Holden Vision Institute in their efforts to bring basic eye care services to millions of people around the world. "

"Eye tests and eye examinations are at the front line of eye care. But for millions of people without medical access, the simplest problems go untreated, children lose education opportunities and adults lose employment, often resulting in poverty. It's unnecessary and avoidable," said Kovin Naidoo, Global Director of Programs, Brien Holden Vision Institute. "Together, through the 'Buy Vision, Give Sight' campaign, we can make a lasting imprint on eye care provision globally."

By utilizing mirror coating lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites, Revo quickly became the leader in polarized lens technology and continues to offer the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized sunglasses on the market. Revo's innovative Light Management SystemTM (LMS) delivers superior performance and protection from UVA/UVB rays and manages the full spectrum of light.

During U2's Innocence + Experience World Tour, Bono will exclusively wear Revo sunglasses. Additionally, he has designed a capsule collection of sunglasses for the brand comprised of 5 styles. It will debut in late Fall 2015 and will include lenses in various colors outfitted with Revo's LMSTM technology. The collection will be available at, Sunglass Hut stores, and other fine specialty, optical and sporting goods stores around the world. As with all Revo sunglasses, $10 dollars from each pair of the Bono for Revo collection will go to the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" initiative. Bono has donated his time and efforts to this partnership with Revo so that all funds can be directed to the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" campaign.


Founded in 1985, Revo quickly became a global performance eyewear brand known as the leader in polarized lens technology. Revo sunglasses were first created by utilizing lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. Nearly three decades later, Revo continues to build on its rich tradition of technology and innovation by offering the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized eyewear in the world. Revo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sequential Brands Group Inc. and is manufactured under trademark license by B. Robinson, a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury eyewear. Visit


Sequential Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:SQBG) owns, promotes, markets, and licenses a portfolio of consumer brands in the fashion, active and lifestyle categories. Sequential seeks to ensure that its brands continue to thrive and grow by employing strong brand management, design and marketing teams. Sequential has licensed and intends to license its brands in a variety of consumer categories to retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the United States and around the world. For more information, please visit Sequential's corporate website at: To inquire about licensing opportunities, please email:


Brien Holden Vision Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing creative and advanced solutions to ensure the provision of vision for everyone, everywhere.

The Institute's mission includes developing new solutions for vision care, especially refractive error and early disease detection, and to eliminate vision impairment and avoidable blindness, thereby raising the quality of life for all people, everywhere and helping to reduce disability and poverty for those in need.

Brien Holden Vision Institute is a social enterprise, investing the revenues from its work into creating scientific solutions and developing and delivering eye care and education programs around the world. Visit

The photo is also available at Newscom,, and via AP PhotoExpress.
CONTACT: Sequential Brands GroupElizabeth Traub
(212) 518-4771 x105
etraub@sbg-ny.comJaime Cassavechia
(212) 518-4771 x108

This announcement is distributed by NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions on behalf of NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions clients.

The issuer of this announcement warrants that they are solely responsible for the content, accuracy and originality of the information contained therein.

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So for this supoosed Revo campiagn, i hope its done as 'discreetly' as the armani campiagn. Avail to be tracked down online etc, but as good of a charitable purpose as it may be, i dont really desire to see him advertising them all over Sunglass Hut

:doh:my worst nightmare is coming true.....haha jk..I'm actually still excited about this news
Answer from RÉVO: Hi Martin - thank you for your support! A capsule collection will be available in late Fall, including the styles Bono has been wearing on the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. There will be additional lens colors available as well, both with and without mirror coatings. Stay tuned! :drool:
Sounds like it will be slow around here for a bit, so I ask of you all- what are your top 3 fav Bono glasses? Style and also color. Limit to only 3 pls. Pics can be of just the glasses if you own them, or a pic of Bono wearing them if need be
I just bought a pair of Lavendar myself as soon as I got an email from Revo offering Bono's Limited Edition frame. Once I placed the order, I got an email from Revo: Thank you so much for your order! Because of overwhelming demand for this style, they will be shipping out early next week. We thank you for your patience and look forward to sending you your new glasses!

Can't wait!
Me too! I reached out to make sure the lenses were translucent - here is what they said in their reply:

yep! You chose the custom lavender lens, which is translucent like Bono's : )

Good news!! I tell ya, Revo really has been great with communication.
Oh, that's great, DD! These will be kickass! According to their website, they only have 3 remaining in stock (when I try to scroll on the quantity, it doesn't allow me to place an order for 3 or more) so the majority of buyers are picking up the on-stage color, which is really the nicest one, imo.
On a related note, are we sure Bono's glasses aren't mirrored at some point in the concert? I was watching the Meerkat portion or the Paris II show on the HD file that is out. His glasses seemed awful reflective and dark. Does he switch glasses for the e-stage set? Just my observation. I'll try and post some screen shots when I get home later.
Just heard back from Revo - here are all of the translucent colors:

Hey Doug! To get the see-through ones, make sure you select the "custom" blue lens color (or lavender, green, or brown!). The custom ones are the see-through and are different than our normal Revo Blue Water lens!

I always wondered about the green and brown - even though Bono doesn't wear them on stage, I have a back stage pic and you can see his case with brown and green versions. I don't have the ability to post pics on here anymore but if one of you who does has an e-mail I'll send the pic to you so you can post.
Wow, that was FAST! Just checked the Revo website to see if they sold out of the Lavender colored lens and they did. I wonder if they will make more or they'll wait until the other colors sell out first.
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I just bought a pair of Lavendar myself as soon as I got an email from Revo offering Bono's Limited Edition frame. Once I placed the order, I got an email from Revo: Thank you so much for your order! Because of overwhelming demand for this style, they will be shipping out early next week. We thank you for your patience and look forward to sending you your new glasses!

Can't wait!

I just woke up and get the news with the forum. In France : no email from Revo (tough I contact them last week for the 4th time).
Rushed to my iMac and the purple colour was already non available. I am disgusted.
Bought them with green custom lenses (bman was wearing this model in Paris Bercy on the 11th of November), but wanted purple too...
It's a shame that Revo really did not communicate properly.
Just got an e-mail from Revo - 20% off all sunglasses today only by using the code CYBERMONDAY. Looks like it applies to the Sungazer model too....wish they would have had this last week ;)
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