The Definitive What The Heck Are Those Shades Bono is Wearing Thread

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Wow ya know a thread is dead when Bono can be seen out and about numerous times with new shades and no-ones even got them figured out yet or is even trying lol

Especially when they are a much welcomed and long overdue return to shades glory days of past instead of the hideous round geddy lee models [emoji23]

What’s up you guys??
I must confess I do not like his new styles so thats the reason why I am not in for a discussion :-(

I like his „Elevation“ era with Bv 519 and 611 best :love:
Oliver Peoples - model After Midnight with customized lenses by optician. Happy Christmass to all fellow collectors!!!

What did you have to ask the optician to get the bono-purple custom color? A specific color code/name?
Hello My Friend, I just ordered my Oliver People's After Midnight Bushed Silver with Pink Glass lenses - the lenses actually look like Bono's from the photos- do you know if they are when ordered directly or will I need to take them to an optometrist for lenses replacement to make them accurate? Make sense?

Did the pink you buy end up looking very close to Bono's purple?
Just to confirm with the experts, these Oliver Peoples are what he wore on JT30 tour AND e+i 2018 tour? Or did he ever so slightly switch for e+i?

Quick search of these is finding them for $495 US.
And that they are Women's. Lol, is that right? Or is there a diff men's model Bono wears?
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He wore them in the YouTube college convocation event:

and personally quite happy he's switched from the john lennon look. Although I feel these are a bit big for his face, and look very Larry Mullen.
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Anyone know the thicker brown sunglasses he been wearing this summer (notably at the Sarajevo Film Festival Aug 15)

Bono has wore sunglasses of brand called DITA, model: SEKTON, code color: DTS122-03 (frame: matte chrystal grey swirl + small metal parts + light green lenses - customized only for him.
Brand: DITA, model: Sekton

Hey man, I meant to get back to this but forgot.

The model DTS 122-53 seems to indicate a 53mm width.. making these probably the most narrow frames Bono has ever worn, unless he got a custom width?

In fact, some websites also call it an "Asian fit"

Bono's head is pretty big.. hard to imagine a slimmer design fitting him?
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