Pro Wrestling Thread- Part 2

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The man is a cretin and I wonder how much other shit we don't know about is out there about so many people in the industry.

Anyway, time to watch the Royal Rumble!!!
Oh yeah, I've hated McMahon since Survivor Series 1997, but I still watched his product. Thankfully, he's gone and hopefully never returns. The company is better without him around.

I watched the Royal Rumble. I liked the women's Royal Rumble more than the men's. I'm very happy that Bayley won. She has been busting her ass for a long time. I'm happy Cody won too. I hope he chooses Roman for WM. I'm very sad that Punk got injured. I wanted him to face Rollins at WM.
Yeah it was good. I thought Bayley was a weird choice but I've not been watching wrestling for that long. And I want Asuke winning a title. The stuff with R-Truth was pretty funny.

The fatal four-way sucked arse. The result was obvious and I know the focus was the Rumble but it was pretty ordinary given the talent involved. I think they've lost a lot of momentum in the past year. I was super invested until Wrestlemania and then they seemed so determined to keep the story going that they brought in a million different players and watered a pretty great story down. At any rate, I loved that Cody won again, and hopefully he fucking beats Roman and we can all move on. Pat McAfee also pretty funny. Sad for CM Punk.
Yes, Punk probably would have won the World Heavyweight Championship from Rollins. Oh well. I think Cody beats Roman. Bayley has been busting her ass for the last year. She has definitely been the workhorse in the women's division. I love Asuka too, but 2024 looks to be Bayley's year.
The Road to WrestleMania can be a bumpy one. HHH wanted Cody vs. Roman and he was overruled. I'd have to think he's disheartened to say the least. Ten years ago, the fans cheered loudly for Daniel Bryan and, thanks to their support, he was put in a Triple Threat for the title at WM. Cody beating Rock and Roman would be extra sweet.
It's really put me off The Rock. Sounds like it's partly due to him being a TKO board member and because he now holds so much power he can seemingly overrule Triple H. But this whole "save Wrestlemania" thing... just because CM Punk got injured? What was Punk gonna do at Wrestlemania anyway? Yes, Brock Lesnar is a loss (although it sounds like he's an arsehole too), but WWE was in the best spot it's been in in my fandom early last year, and there was no Punk or Rock.

Anyway, hoping there's a bigger game at play. Maybe The Rock is having a heel turn. Maybe Roman absolutely embarrasses The Rock and Cody takes the title at the next PPV. Maybe Cody's music hits during Rock Roman and he beats them both. Maybe The Rock wins and Damien Priest cashes in.
They did lose some star power by losing Punk and Lesnar, but I thought they had the roster to make up for it. WWE has time to alter their plans, though. Most young fans have never really seen the Rock wrestle in his prime. He's been a part time wrestler for at least 20 years. Rock is a notch in someone's belt. If they put the title on a 52-year-old man who appears sporadically for the company, they're making a mistake. Right now, WWE is pulling a McMahon and that's never good. I don't want Priest cashing in his Money in the Bank unless it's against Rollins.
Whenever a WrestleMania has a zero or a five at the end it, WWE naturally wants to do something "special". How about multiple Triple Threat Matches? Cody/Rock/Roman for WWE title. Sami/Drew/Rollins for the World title. Cody pins Roman for the WWE title. Now, how they get there is the real fun. I'd turn Rock heel on the Road to WrestleMania. Rock's got real life heat. Might as well utilize it. For the World title scene, Rollins has to lose to either Drew, Sami or someone else. I love him. He's awesome. But WWE needs some fresh blood holding the title. Sami has never won a major title in WWE. I'd like to see Drew win a title with people in the stands. I don't care that he's a heel. Just take the title off Rollins, so he can heal up and come back fresh.
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