Pro Wrestling Thread- Part 2

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The man is a cretin and I wonder how much other shit we don't know about is out there about so many people in the industry.

Anyway, time to watch the Royal Rumble!!!
Oh yeah, I've hated McMahon since Survivor Series 1997, but I still watched his product. Thankfully, he's gone and hopefully never returns. The company is better without him around.

I watched the Royal Rumble. I liked the women's Royal Rumble more than the men's. I'm very happy that Bayley won. She has been busting her ass for a long time. I'm happy Cody won too. I hope he chooses Roman for WM. I'm very sad that Punk got injured. I wanted him to face Rollins at WM.
Yeah it was good. I thought Bayley was a weird choice but I've not been watching wrestling for that long. And I want Asuke winning a title. The stuff with R-Truth was pretty funny.

The fatal four-way sucked arse. The result was obvious and I know the focus was the Rumble but it was pretty ordinary given the talent involved. I think they've lost a lot of momentum in the past year. I was super invested until Wrestlemania and then they seemed so determined to keep the story going that they brought in a million different players and watered a pretty great story down. At any rate, I loved that Cody won again, and hopefully he fucking beats Roman and we can all move on. Pat McAfee also pretty funny. Sad for CM Punk.
Yes, Punk probably would have won the World Heavyweight Championship from Rollins. Oh well. I think Cody beats Roman. Bayley has been busting her ass for the last year. She has definitely been the workhorse in the women's division. I love Asuka too, but 2024 looks to be Bayley's year.
The Road to WrestleMania can be a bumpy one. HHH wanted Cody vs. Roman and he was overruled. I'd have to think he's disheartened to say the least. Ten years ago, the fans cheered loudly for Daniel Bryan and, thanks to their support, he was put in a Triple Threat for the title at WM. Cody beating Rock and Roman would be extra sweet.
It's really put me off The Rock. Sounds like it's partly due to him being a TKO board member and because he now holds so much power he can seemingly overrule Triple H. But this whole "save Wrestlemania" thing... just because CM Punk got injured? What was Punk gonna do at Wrestlemania anyway? Yes, Brock Lesnar is a loss (although it sounds like he's an arsehole too), but WWE was in the best spot it's been in in my fandom early last year, and there was no Punk or Rock.

Anyway, hoping there's a bigger game at play. Maybe The Rock is having a heel turn. Maybe Roman absolutely embarrasses The Rock and Cody takes the title at the next PPV. Maybe Cody's music hits during Rock Roman and he beats them both. Maybe The Rock wins and Damien Priest cashes in.
They did lose some star power by losing Punk and Lesnar, but I thought they had the roster to make up for it. WWE has time to alter their plans, though. Most young fans have never really seen the Rock wrestle in his prime. He's been a part time wrestler for at least 20 years. Rock is a notch in someone's belt. If they put the title on a 52-year-old man who appears sporadically for the company, they're making a mistake. Right now, WWE is pulling a McMahon and that's never good. I don't want Priest cashing in his Money in the Bank unless it's against Rollins.
Whenever a WrestleMania has a zero or a five at the end it, WWE naturally wants to do something "special". How about multiple Triple Threat Matches? Cody/Rock/Roman for WWE title. Sami/Drew/Rollins for the World title. Cody pins Roman for the WWE title. Now, how they get there is the real fun. I'd turn Rock heel on the Road to WrestleMania. Rock's got real life heat. Might as well utilize it. For the World title scene, Rollins has to lose to either Drew, Sami or someone else. I love him. He's awesome. But WWE needs some fresh blood holding the title. Sami has never won a major title in WWE. I'd like to see Drew win a title with people in the stands. I don't care that he's a heel. Just take the title off Rollins, so he can heal up and come back fresh.
I think they’ll do something to honor the fact that it’s been 40 years since Mania 1. They are inducting Windham and Rotunda into the HoF who were at the first Mania. Anyway, I’m actually very excited to watch two nights of Wrestlemania this year. With all the craziness surrounding Vince and the stuff with CM Punk and AEW at least the WWE in ring stuff and quality of shows has really improved.
Oh yeah, with McMahon gone, their product is way better. I haven't watched a WrestleMania in 10 years. Back then the PPV was 65 US dollars. Now I can watch it on Peacock. It sucks that Punk won't be wrestling on the card, but he'll be at the announce table for the World title match. I'm sure all the matches will be good, but Cody better be holding up that WWE title belt at the end of the weekend.
The way they pivoted with this Final Boss storyline has been an act of utter, utter genius. If they played it all along, even better, but if they were genuinely going down the Rock vs Roman route, huge kudos to HHH for flipping the script. That Raw promo where he beat up Cody went down so well with fans. Every comment was like "this is like the Attitude era". And it's been really interesting that the leadup to Wrestlemania 40 hasn't been about the history of Wrestlemania, and I think that's a huge compliment to the current storylines and creative. It would have been so easy to lean on the history to make it huge, and instead, they could absolutely do this WM without appearances from Hulk, Austin etc and it would be just as big.

They absolutely have to give the title to Cody though. Imagine it's Bloodline Rules for night two and Rock is whooping Cody's arse and then the glass shatters... that would be THE biggest pop of all time.

Overall, I cannot wait. I'm so excited. I'm so invested.
I think with the Netflix deal next year they’ll be able to allow for a more edgier product and tv show presentation. I’d love to see MJF in the WWE but I’m pretty sure he’s still locked into an AEW contract (if he resigned).
He's popped up on my social feeds a few times and I've watched clips of his heel work and it's extraordinary, I would love it if he came to WWE, as I don't watch AEW, aside from a handful of clips here and there.
I like MJF but let him cut his teeth in AEW and then come to WWE in a few more years when he's in his prime. AEW needs him. I can't believe we're up to the 40th WrestleMania. There have been some great ones. Some shitty ones. And some OK ones where there were only 2 or 3 good matches. Now it's 2 nights. I don't think McMahon's father could have ever imagined such a thing.

  • The Rock/Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes/Seth Rollins
    • Rock and Roman win comfortably
  • Rhea Ripley (c) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Women's World Title
    • Rhea retains... I would LOVE Becky to win, but feels like they're setting Rhea up for a looooong run.
  • Gunther (c) vs Sami Zayn - WWE Intercontinental Title
    • Tough to call. I'm leaning towards Gunther winning, he's so good. I'd actually be a bit bummed if Sami wins, only because I feel like he was so over around this time last year, he should have beaten Roman at Elimination Chamber, and then they squandered all the goodwill he had. But maybe that's why he'll win this bout, WWE giving him his long overdue chops.
  • The Judgement Day vs DIY vs The Awesome Truth vs The New Day vs Austin Theory and Grayson Waller vs New Catch Republic - WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles Six-Way Ladder Match
    • I suspect Judgement Day wins this after a long and arduous bout. I'd like New Day to win it, Kofi is another talent they've kind of squandered, and if not them, then Awesome Truth. But Judgement Day's shtick is pretty good. If they were really brave they'd let ATown Down Under win it in a really low dog way... up the heat. Might even be an opportunity to have Judgement Day turn face.
  • Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso
    • Surely, surely, Jey wins.
  • Jade Cargill/Bianca Belair/Naomi vs Damage CTRL
    • Cargill, Belair and Naomi win this one. I think there are more interesting stories to tell with Damage CTRL if they lose than if they win. And they're giving Jade Cargill a huge push.
  • Rey Mysterio & Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar & Dominik Mysterio
    • Santos and Dominik win this.
  • Roman Reigns (c) vs Cody Rhodes - WWE Universal Title
    • Cody wins. Bloodline Rules and he gets walloped a lot. Rock starting beating him up. Glass shatters and Stone Cold enters the ring, Stunners the Rock and leaves. This gives Cody just enough space to breathe and then over the next 10 minutes he powers himself to the title.
  • Seth Rollins (c) vs Drew McIntyre - WWE World Heavyweight Title
    • Seth wins. Can't see how they'd give this one to Drew. Feels like his current storyline as a non-title-holding shitstirrer is working really well.
  • Logan Paul (c) vs Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton - WWE United States Title
    • I hope Kevin Owens wins this. I think he might. Orton seems happy getting others over at the moment. And could give Logan some great space to become an even bigger cunt than he already is. Looking forward to this match, should be heaps of fun.
  • Iyo Sky (c) vs Bayley - WWE Women's Title
    • Bayley wins, surely.
  • LA Knight vs AJ Styles
    • LA Knight for sure.
  • The Pride vs The Final Testament - Philadelphia Street Fight
    • Suspect this will be the first match, I couldn't give a shit about this.
Lots of great matches. I think Becky beats Rhea. Sami beats Gunther. I think Logan Paul wins the 3 way with Orton and Owens. Either Orton or Owens turns heel. I think Drew beats Seth. I'd love to see AJ beat LA, but I think LA wins.
I find him to be pretty tiresome to be honest. Obviously great at what he does but he's got the worst of pro wrestling's excesses. Still, a huge and important character in the sport.

I liked Undertaker's speech a lot the other year.
That Rock/Roman vs. Cody/Seth tag match was great. A tag match is good for Rock. It gives him a few breaks in the action. Lol! It ain't easy being nearly 52, but last night he kicked like it was the Year 2000. Tonight, our hero (Cody) will have to withstand the Bloodline Rules in order to capture the WWE title. Roman has had quite the run, but it's Cody's turn. For the World title match, I love Seth, but I want to see Drew win. He got screwed when he beat Brock a few years ago. There were no fans in attendance. Either way, it will be another great match.
Aside from the Rhea match and the Ic title I felt like night 1 belonged to the main event match.

Tonight’s card really does look solid. Also it’s going to be interesting to see how Cody comes out on top.
A great ending to a very good WrestleMania. Loved the 3 way US title match. Very happy that Bayley won the Womens title. It's awesome to finally say that Cody Rhodes is the new WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion. Plus, Drew beats Seth for the World title, but Damien Priest cashes in his MITB opportunity and wins the World title.
I was actually hoping to see Stone Cold come out, but the show didn't "need" him. Love The Rock's "Final Boss" character. He's definitely a more sinister character than Rock has portrayed before.

It was awesome seeing Taker.
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