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Joey788's list -

Didn't love the opening track but was immediately brought back in by the second track (Lande Hekt) as there was something cool and familiar about the guitars and drums in the intro of the song. And it's a song from 2021! Props for that. I always like hearing more recent stuff. I like this Long Neck track, too.

I've always been intrigued by Wolf Alice and felt like I should listen to more of their stuff. This track by them certainly isn't boring, I'll say that. And right into the Cure...a band that has become very dear to me over the last few years. Good early Cure pick. Can't go wrong with them, really.

I saw EMA live a few years back and was lucky enough to chat with her for a little bit afterwards. She's great.

The Steven Wilson track is suitably dark and creepy. Nice transition into the Life on Mars cover. That WATCHMEN series was f'ng excellent.

I like Lorde but for some reason I don't think I ever even listened to Melodrama all the way through. Man, "Waiting for the Night" is definitely one of my favorite '90s Depeche Mode songs. Great pick.

I'd never heard of This is the Kit but those are pretty good vocals. Good closer. I can sense the resilience you were going for with this track and the Talking Heads before it.

I enjoyed this a lot. There were a bunch of strong individual selections. Good shit.
I still have some memories of Raul Seixas passing somewhat unexpectedly in 1989. I was just 8 at that time, but it was a big thing, he was a beloved figure back home. Just an anecdote: when Bruce Springsteen played in São Paulo in 2013, he opened his show by saying “Thank you Raul Seixas”, and then went on to cover one of his famous songs, Sociedade Alternative:

He won everyone at the show.

Wow, I've never seen that before. Great job by Bruce and the band, and a nice tribute.
When I listened to El Mel's list yesterday, some of the selections brought back memories of riding around in my mother's late 1970s-era silver Honda Civic with the AM radio going - the more well-known songs anyway. Carrie Ann, Monday Monday, Different Drum, Windy, etc. An iconic car for the times...

As for the playlist itself, I like how you dug a bit deeper in places to explore some nice pop nuggets that have otherwise been forgotten by most, myself included. The opener, Fresh As A Daisy, is a perfect example of this. When it started out, I recalled hearing it before, but a loooong time ago, and I never knew who sang it. Good stuff there.

I've never heard The Left Banke before, but liked this song.

The Hollies remain one of my favorite bands from the late 60's/early 70's. Just great vocal harmonies and tightly structured pop songs. I'll never tire of them.

This certainly wouldn't be a LemonMelon old school playlist without a selection from Odessey and Oracle! I know it's one of your all-time favorites, and certainly justified. Quite an amazing album.

Not for nothing, but I've always found Different Drum grating. Don't know what it is, just always disliked that song.

Great back to back, however, with Windy and You Didn't Have To Be So Nice. Fantastic pairing.

You ended the playlist with a run of Brazilian music. I have to admit though. After listening to gump's playlist, I enjoyed his selections a bit more. Although that's not to say there weren't any standouts here. Particularly liked the Stan Getz/João Gilberto collaboration, and also enjoyed this Gal Costa track as the closer.

This was certainly a bit of a different playlist for you, which you've noted as such. Again, really enjoyed you exposing a lot of these old favorites here. Nicely done.
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You've definitely heard The Left Banke before. They were responsible for an undeniable hit with Walk Away Renee:

The Four Tops' version was also big and very good in its own right:

And I used this gem on my DI9 list:

They are a very underrated band though. Two great albums and then singer Michael Brown ended up in some other quality bands like Stories and Montage.
Really liked the start of Joey's list. Lande Hekt and Long Neck in particular were great selections by artists I was unfamiliar with. And then to be followed by Wolf Alice and The Cure - a particularly nice stretch.

Like others, the middle portion was a bit hit or miss for me, but while I'm not as high on Steven Wilson's solo career vs. his work in Porcupine Tree, I do like this song, and I liked how it was coupled with Life On Mars.

But my favorite part of this playlist, by far, was from People, I've Been Sad to the end. I need to listen to more of Christine And The Queens, as I've liked the few songs I've heard, and this one was the best so far.

Lorde, Depeche Mode, and Sufjan all worked together very well. I do think LM has a point with Road To Nowhere, which I've always loved. From a sequence perspective, it doesn't quite mesh there. I'd say move it to the end, but I really enjoyed that last song and can totally see why you finished with it. I do think switching them would have flowed well still.

And with that, I'm caught up.
I’m not caught up. I’ve had a busy last couple weeks with the kids and just got my second Moderna dose so I’m out of commission today. I’m gonna try to be caught up by the end of next week.
I'm still working my way through Group 2 and have to respond to comments about my playlist in this thread. But this weekend looks a bit freer than recent ones, so hopefully I'll make some progress!
Same. I need to post my comments on Joey's and then should be good to go.
Sorry everyone, I haven’t been able to listen and comment on the remaining playlists. I have been slammed at work and have some other personal things to attend to. I hope that’s ok, LuckyNumber7, if I can’t continue to listen and comment for the remaining playlists. Again, some unexpected things happened at work. I wish I had a more flexibility in my schedule. Things will probably slow down in a month or so but the window of listening and commenting may be small because at the time that part of DI will be wrapping up.
You and I are in the exact same boat, peak season at work right now for me. The #1 requirement you have is to listen to every playlist before you can rank them. Everyone appreciates the feedback of course. I’ve been listening but not commenting, and I plan on going through and commenting in one sweep (ive been taking disorganized notes lol).

When I think of your past DI lists, I tend to remember a blend of heavier, darker post-punk, often women-led, and more synth-driven indie pop. This playlist kept with that general theme, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned, though it was even darker (thematically and musically) than I expected - especially for early summer.

There was a lot of stuff that I liked here. I wish I knew of this Tired as Fuck song like 4 months ago, before getting vaccinated. Perfect song for that period, really. It was a strong opener. I enjoyed the opening sequence through Wolf Alice. We were talking about Visions of a Life here the other day - it’s the kind of album that I enjoy whenever I listen to it, but end up forgetting about it later. But the pairing with Long Neck worked well, they both appeal to similar sensibilities I think.

I thought that the EMA track would have worked well together as part of a trip with Long Neck and Wolf Alice. I love that Cure track, but it broke the flow there just a bit.

Algiers and Foals are bands I haven’t been able to get into, possibly because their sound is just too heavy for my taste at times.

I did really love that instrumental interlude with Abandoner and then Trent Reznor’s cover of Life on Mars? Really nice. Which reminds me of how amazing Watchmen, the series, was. That soundtrack is basically perfect.

FKA twigs, here’s an artist that everyone seems to love but me. And that has been the case since LP1, really. That said, the song worked perfectly here. Good job.

Melodrama is such a wonderful album. I still go back to it often.

This whole second half stretch is quite nice in terms of textures and ambiance. The Sufjan song fit well from that perspective. And I think that allows one to focus on the overall themes of the playlist a bit more.

I really enjoyed Keep Going as a closer, a song that I did not know. Understated and hopeful. Will be checking more from the album.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable listen. Because of its generally darker themes, I think this is a playlist that needs to be listened to at very particular contexts/times. But I can clearly see how meaningful this music and this narrative is to you. Good job.
I listened to LM’s list the other day. I’ve been kinda dreading it because I had planned on making a similar list at some point based on my dad’s mixtapes that he dubbed from his collection of 45s and now I don’t know if I should. We used to listen to those mixtapes in the car growing up, especially on long vacation trips back and forth between Washington and Michigan, Nebraska, or California. Some of these very songs were in iterations of playlists I kept putting off for a future DI. Specifically The Rain, The Park, and Other Things, Windy, and Monday Monday. These songs are my childhood. Others weren’t on mixtapes, but anywhere I went in the car with my mom, the oldies station was on and I heard. I only listened to oldies and christian artists until I bought The Best of 1980-1990 in 1998. The first half of this list is just perfect. The second half kinda lost me a little, but I did appreciate it. I couldn’t pick song from song by memory or remember how any one particularly goes because they all blurred together.
Sorry you didn't get into the second half much, but at least I sank the layup with the first half. [emoji23]
Sorry you didn't get into the second half much, but at least I sank the layup with the first half. [emoji23]

When I looked back it wasn’t the second half, but more the last quarter. It was pleasant enough though, but nothing stood out and made me want to investigate further. I should mention there were some on the first half that were new to me that I loved - those by Sagittarius and The Free Design.
Gump I made a vinyl purchase based on your playlist:

That’s so cool. I’m amazed you found it, it’s not that easy to come by these days. I’ve never actually seen it in a record shop in the States, and had to buy my copy back home in Brazil (this same pressing, Polysom is really good at this). One of my favorite records of all time. Would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve heard it.
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Got it off Discogs from a place in Austria. As you say it looks to be nearly impossible to find in the US.
We good for the next batch of these?

Did you ever post your thoughts about Joey's list? I see your posts for gump and LM. Just a friendly reminder.

Yeah I was thinking so, I’ll get on that tonight

Did you get my last e-mail a couple weeks ago with the final update of my list? I'm about to e-mail you a new link just for my artwork...the one I sent two weeks ago own fault.
I’m still behind. I listened to Joey’s list but haven’t had a chance to make comments yet. mrs. tourist went to the hospital twice and had three other doctor visits over the last 10 days due to some weird combination of things stemming from heat exhaustion which led to bad electrolyte levels and dizziness. She’s tentatively doing better so I’ll try to listen to gump’s list tomorrow and comment on both shortly after.
Alright, Joey, I listened to your list a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed it! The Cure is one of my favorites, and M is one of my favorites from Seventeen Seconds. Some other highlights for me were the songs by Foals, FKA twigs, Christine and the Queens, and Lorde. Also Tires As Fuck totally reminds me of some weird HAIM/Black Keys/Fleet Foxes hybrid and I’m here for it. Resonates with me with having a kindergartener, toddler, and newborn. I always like your lists because they have stuff I wouldn’t normally hear but is fairly close to my wheelhouse if not exactly in it. Good stuff!
It’s been 12 weeks since baby #3 tourist was born which means today I’m back to work. Which means I have a lot of time to listen to music. So I finally listened to gump’s list this morning. I’m not going to lie, this list was a difficult one for me. It’s definitely a me thing as it was put together extremely well. I struggle with different languages in music, which is stupid I know, but I still do. That made most of the list blur together for me, which actually helped me with some of my getting back into the swing of things with work. One real standout for me was Taj Mahal. A couple hours later it’s still stuck in my head. I’ll probably rate this list higher than you think because of how well done it was, even if it was difficult for me. Thanks for exposing me to something new!
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