Desert Island Mini - LP Island - Rules & Sign Up Thread

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Sep 25, 2010
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Unashamedly copied and pasted from the last edition, with liberties taken to some content so please read!

But one year since the pandemic forced us all onto a remote island known as Quarantine Island, our ship has wrecked yet again. Jaded by the internet of 2020, the interference escape party boat has capsized after hitting a sandbar just off LP Island. Luckily, you managed to swim ashore, preserving your Rio PMP300 portable music player with its 32 MB of music capacity. Conveniently, you’d just completed the first perfect digital mixtape.

DIXII, not to be confused with the supposed dance/electronic music artist that showed up when I googled it, is probably like other Desert Islands but smaller, but what would I know. Here are your rules:

1. Your playlist may not fall short of 45 and probably shouldn’t exceed 60 minutes, but nobody is going to be upset with you if you pushed your LP up to 75 minutes since your new digital format will allow you to control its quality. However you choose to present the list is fine, since the double sided LP format was not constrained on your high tech MP3 player. I’ve selectively chosen to adjust the rules on this matter to facilitate the listening and review process, as well as add a new dimension to playlist making. Please be aware that while I personally show no preference towards a short or lengthy list, others very well might jazz with the low-fi audio compression used to get that extra few songs in there.

2. You may use only ONE song from a particular artist. If a track is broken up into several movements, please don’t contact me as I reserve no right to make an exception, but instead post in this thread and let mob rule.

3. Every track selected MUST BE OFFICIALLY RELEASED BY THE ARTIST IN QUESTION. No demos or bootleg tracks are allowed in this competition, unless said demos have been collected in an officially sanctioned compilation release of some kind. One exception is that tracks released on official websites, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. are allowed.

4. Tracks may not be edited or shortened in any way, unless there is a hidden track at the end. This does not apply to officially released radio/single edits. Since most of you will be using streaming services, I doubt this will be a problem.

5. You are welcome to select tracks you've chosen for previous DI lists, but explicitly not from DIXI. Unless you make a big stink about it in this thread.

If you are including downloadable audio files, do not post your entries in this thread, as it is against forum rules to post officially released material on the forum itself. All entries for this competition should be sent to my PM box or to Annoy me if my inbox fills up, becuase the 256 kB that interference allots us goes fast.

Here is what is required for your entry:

A. Your track listing (see below for formatting details).

B. Links the music contained in your playlist. You may either zip your music and upload it to a site like mediafire or OR if you can create your playlist on a streaming service such as Spotify or a YouTube playlist, send me the public link to it. Be aware that non-premium versions of Spotify and YouTube have advertisements that will affect the transitions on your list. I would personally prefer if you send me both, but one or the other is all that is required as long as either contains every track in the playlist.

Additionally, you may also send me a title for your playlist, as well as artwork and an explanatory paragraph of merciful length. These items are not required, but may be preferred for some participants.

Please submit submissions using the following format EXACTLY:

Forum name: [Your Interference name here]


PLAYLIST TITLE (if you give it one)

Track #. Band Name - "Song Title" - Album Name (Time in Minutes:Seconds)
1. Please - "Follow This Format" - Thank You (20:15)
2. It Helps A Lot - "If You Follow This" - To The Letter (10:45)
3. Life Is Easier - "When People Do" - What Is Asked In The Rules (15:00)
4. Rules - "Are Not Hard" - To Follow (15:30)
5. Grammar, Punctuation, And Order - "Should Be Just Like They Are" - In This Example (7:15)
6. Thank You Very Much - "In Advance" - For Adhering To This Style! (43:20)

Total runtime: 112:05

All submissions must be sent to me by April 20th, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. The master list containing all entries will be posted shortly thereafter in a separate thread. You do not have to send me all of your material at once; you may send me a track listing here or artwork there, but make sure that your links are sent to me by the deadline. This deadline is subject to change based upon user activity in the upcoming week.

The intention is to have at least 10 playlists in this competition. Those entries will be split in half, with each group having a discussion thread of their own. Each listening thread will have two weeks dedicated to it before we move on to the next one. In those threads, feel free to do running diaries of the lists and discuss them at your leisure.

After all of the playlists have been sent out for listening (2 weeks per thread x2 groups = approximately a month), a mass PM will be sent out asking all participants to rank the lists, based on the criteria of their choosing. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN LIST. Presumably, that means there will be 9 or so participants per list. The playlists will be scored in accordance with their placement on the list, so the first place playlist will receive 9 points, the second will receive 8 and so on. DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR RANKING WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE MASS PM: ANYONE WHO DOES NOT SEND IN A RANKING WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION.

For numerous reasons, this tournament will have a rather elastic list of contestants. The slots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. As mentioned above, the contestants will be split in half during the listening period and playlists will be staggered accordingly.

The list of those who have explicitly communicated interest in participating is as follows:

1. the_tourist
2. LuckyNumber7
3. LemonMelon
4. namkcuR
5. GAF
6. iron yuppie
7. Joey788
8. gump
9. coblr
10. Ax
11. bono_212

Probably DaveC, the artist formally known as Peef, others on the boat still trying to swim
To shore

One change I wanted to posit: the maximum length for mini DI has consistently been 80 minutes (the maximum length of a CD), not 75. I made my playlist based around that. There has never been an expressed minimum, though I doubt anyone would go much lower than an hour with such limited confines anyway.
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Yeah, my playlist which is pretty much done is 79 minutes and change. I’d rather I didn’t have to cut a song.
I hope you guys read the sarcasm there. It pretty much says I won’t enforce what length it is lol, I trust everyone here will consider one another and what “short” means.

Though I’ll set that humor upper limit to 80 if that’s the historical shorty.
Jk can’t edit the post so. 80 minutes people

Phew. The list I'm probably going to use is 79 minutes, and I had a hell of a time getting it below 81.

Absolutely pumped for everyone to hate the first five or so songs. I tried rearranging it to make a better first impression but nothing sequenced as well as the way I've got it now.
Desert Island is the thing I get most excited about on interference. I’m glad it’s still happening and with a pretty good turnout.

Absolutely pumped for everyone to hate the first five or so songs. I tried rearranging it to make a better first impression but nothing sequenced as well as the way I've got it now.

That’s how I feel about most of my lists although I was right on when I took last place in the most recent one. Between that and the year end list I’ve never felt that my taste was further than the typical interferencer. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the hell out of every minute of it.
Desert Island XII - LP Island - Rules & Sign Up Thread

I’m just glad the other 11 Desert Islands weren’t called LP Island.
I've never won a mini DI and highly doubt that a list entirely based around songs from 50 years ago, many of them not in English, will change that. But I'm very proud of my list and can't wait to share it with everyone.
I think I'm done with my list, and I'm really happy with it. Certainly the most personally meaningful list I have made for a DI. I don't expect to get anywhere close to winning it, but hopefully will be able to introduce a few new artists for people here.
Personally I would much rather hear lists that truly reflect someone’s interests than ones that are engineered to win.
Personally I would much rather hear lists that truly reflect someone’s interests than ones that are engineered to win.

Thanks for saying this, and I fully agree. While I've always had music that I am very fond of in previous playlists, I never really drew so much on the non-English speaking music that I listen to, which I'm finally doing this time.

Still room to jump aboard?

I would really love for you to join. Your playlist last year was so damn good and refreshing. LN7 can figure out a way, I'm sure. The more the merrier.
This is in fact the sign up thread so, yes you can sign up!

There’s a submission deadline that’s got plenty of buffer room that I reserve the right to pull forward if it’s clear that all submissions are in, but I’m fine with new additions up to the deadline. Involvement is all that matters.
Desert Island XII - LP Island - Rules & Sign Up Thread

By the way, if your list is ready please do get on that email or pm and send it so I can start counting them
Woop woop i'll get cracking, still officially under full lockdown until the 12th April here, but should have something sorted by the weekend!

Thanks for the support Gump and Tourist! Think my last list was the best one I ever managed so will be hard to replicate that, but will give it a go, despite lockdown its been pretty decent times for music, just over a year now since the last gig I managed to go to.

And still a bit mad that this has all been going on for a year now.
Ooh great to have you aboard LJT, your list last time ruled.

I thought I was settled on a list, but this evening I started working on a totally different concept...
Working on typing up my list for submission now. Might take me a couple days to determine what I want to say about it. I did make artwork today. Planning to submit it all at once.

Also, really hoping you join phanan! (And still holding out hope for DaveC, and for lazarus to join the 21st century, but those are a long shot I know)
I had been working on a full DI list that I think I will still reserve for the next full DI. Which means I need to make something from scratch. And also need a theme of some sort.
I just noticed that this thread was labeled as Desert Island XII. Technically, we don't increase the total for mini DIs. If we did, this would be Desert Island XVII or something like that. Only reason I mention it is that if you were to maintain this label throughout, it's going to be harder to sort through in the search function when the full Desert Island XII is complete.

Not much to do about this thread, I just suggesting name relevant subsequent ones Desert Island Mini - LP Island - _____________ or something to that effect.
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