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Sep 25, 2010
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iron yuppie
a.k.a. iYup, iYupster, Iron & Yuppie, The Yuppie Puppy


Over the course of a few days last spring, I heard two songs in random situations that immediately resonated with me: “Voices Carry” and “It’s Obvious.” I built a playlist around them. Hope you enjoy it.

1. ’Til Tuesday - “Voices Carry” - Voices Carry (4:23)
2. A Flock of Seagulls - “Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) - Listen (5:30)
3. Eurythmics - “Here Comes the Rain Again” - Touch (4:54)
4. Visage - “Fade to Grey” - Visage (3:59)
5. Gary Numan - “Films” - The Pleasure Principle (4:09)
6. David Bowie - “Always Crashing in the Same Car” - Low (3:35)
7. Eno, Moebius, Roedelius - “The Shade” - After the Heat (3:11)
8. Cocteau Twins - “Lazy Calm” - Victorialand (6:34)
9. The Durutti Column - “Love No More” - Vini Reilly (2:47)
10. Felt - “Fortune” - Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty (3:31)
11. Young Marble Giants - “Credit in the Straight World” - Colossal Youth (2:29)
12. Au Pairs - “It’s Obvious” - Stepping out of Line: The Anthology (6:17)
13. The Raincoats - “Ooh Ooh La La La” - Moving (3:09)
14. Maximum Joy - “Silent Street / Silent Dub” - Silent Street / Silent Dub (7:53)
15. Laurie Anderson - “From the Air” - Big Science (4:33)
16. Peter Gabriel - “This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)” - So (4:22)
17. The Cure - “The Walk” - Greatest Hits (3:31)
18. Depeche Mode - “Never Let Me Down Again (Tsangarides Mix)” - Never Let Me Down Again (4:22)


Total runtime: 1hr 19min

a.k.a. GAF, GAF Aloud Fan, A Loud Fan



1. John Barry Orchestra - "James Bond Theme" - Dr. No (1:48)
2. Slowdive - "Alison" - Souvlaki (3:51)
3. Drugstore - "El President" - The Best of Drugstore (2:51)
4. Pulp - "Like A Friend" - This Is Hardcore (4:31)
5. Ride - "Vapour Trails" - Nowhere (4:18)
6. Blur - "The Universal" - The Great Escape (3:59)
7. Elbow - "One Day Like This" - The Seldom Seen Kid (6:34)
8. Sonic Youth - "Tunic (Song For Karen)" - Goo (6:19)
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Love Burns" - B.R.M.C. (4:05)
10. Hayley Williams - "First Thing To Go" - Flowers For Vases/Descansos (2:59)
11. Longpigs - "Lost Myself" - The Sun Is Often Out (5:04)
12. The Strokes - "Ode to the Mets" - The New Abnormal (5:52)
13. The Human League - "Louise" - Hysteria (5:00)


Total Runtime: 57:11

the tourist
a.k.a. Seattle's Best, on tourist, baby daddy

IDIOT SLOW DOWN: a mini desert island excursion


These are all songs I desperately love and many of them belong in the top 3 of each artist’s repertoire in my opinion. Each of these songs brings back vivid memories and nostalgia for different times and places, friends old and new and some long gone. Sometimes when life gets busy and maybe panic sets in we just need to slow down and enjoy those moments, those memories. I hope everyone finds at least something that resonates with them whether an old favorite or even more so if it’s something from one of the lesser-known artists.

Now I’ll add a few notes about some of the songs. Deep Sea Diver is an artist I’ve championed around these parts for awhile and I hope you all dig this one and look into them further - Jessica Dobson is one of my favorite modern guitarists. Noah Gundersen has come onto my radar in a big way over the last few years and AFTER ALL was the song I was introduced to him by - the main guitar riff reminds me of a slowed down version of Pride. Author’s Is It Far Or Is It Close is one of my top albums of its decade and I’ll probably include a song from it on every desert island we have for awhile, as long as we continue to have them. The American Frontier, for those that don’t know, is me and I thank each of you who have given my album a spin - and if you haven’t yet, you should because I think you’ll like it.

Credit to a good friend of mine for introducing me to many of these artists over the last six years (Jay Som, Deep Sea Diver, Noah Gundersen, Author, Alabama Shakes) and encouraging me to listen to more of certain artists I only knew casually (Jay Som, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kendrick Lamar). He will probably be playing drums for me live when things open back up, and likely will play some guitar and bass on my next record. I told him about desert island and almost suggested he join interference just to take part because he dug the concept, but I didn’t want to do that just in case it seemed self-serving since I know his taste in music reflects my own fairly closely. If we do this again and you all don’t mind, I might invite him to the next one.

I hope we keep doing these. Even if interference goes away. In the event that this is the final desert island, though, I decided to use my namesake at the heart of the order. I’ve been keeping it in my back pocket for that inevitable someday, and decided I shouldn’t wait any longer.

01. The Cure - “Push” - The Head On The Door (4:31)
02. Jay Som - “Baybee” - Everybody Works (3:45)
03. Deep Sea Diver - “Notice Me” - Secrets (4:36)
04. Unwed Sailor - “Moon Coin” - Heavy Age (3:26)
05. The American Frontier - “And When We Reach The End” - Memories (5:59)
07. Author - “Is It Far Or Is It Close” - Is It Far Or Is It Close (3:30)
08. The National - “Pink Rabbits” - Trouble Will Find Me (4:36)
09. Radiohead - “The Tourist” - OK Computer (5:26)
10. Arctic Monkeys - “Star Treatment” - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (5:54)
11. Alabama Shakes - “Gemini” - Sound & Color (6:35)
12. Childish Gambino - “Redbone” - Awaken, My Love! (5:26)
13. Bon Iver - “10 d E A T h b R E a s T” - 22, A Million (2:24)
14. HAIM - “Forever” - Days Are Gone (4:05)
15. Taylor Swift - “Style” - 1989 (3:51)
16. Carly Rae Jepsen - “Emotion” - Emotion (3:17)
17. Kendrick Lamar with SZA - “All The Stars” - Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By (3:52)
18. Lupe Fiasco - “All Black Everything” - Lasers (3:40)


Total Runtime: 79:00
We just got home from the hospital with the baby so it may be a few days til I can listen to these but I’m really looking forward to it. I have almost 11 weeks off of work coming up so hopefully it won’t be too difficult.
Congratulations, tourist! Hope that everyone is doing well.
They are! I’m super excited to no longer sleep on that awful hospital couch in our room.

I still have nightmares of the foldable hospital couch when my son was born (even after being awake for 48 hours straight).

Random Dad Talk LXXIII.
I still have nightmares of the foldable hospital couch when my son was born (even after being awake for 48 hours straight).

Random Dad Talk LXXIII.

Hear hear.
Most tired I’ve ever been.
Those hospital couches are horrible.
They probably want fathers to get accustomed to not sleeping well since they are about to take a newborn home.

Congrats tourist.
So while I’m drafting up my responses I think this is a good opportunity to make an honorable mention to GAF with Elbow with One Day Like This, it has been in my head all day today and it has brought back such nostalgic memories.

So, I’m sure I’d heard the song before the first time I’d seen it live, but really I’d only ever heard of Elbow and didn’t know them for any of their music. I was doing my masters in England and abroad in France for the summer doing a project. I was making my plans to return to England, too poor* for the train and with nearly all of my life possessions in hand that needed to get back to my apartment in leicester.

I booked a Ryanair flight for £18 round trip and checked... a tv as luggage for £8 one way. The train from Stansted back to Leicester was £32, so I was legitimately flying a tv home. Of course I was “too poor” by priority. I didn’t need a tv, nor did I need the back to back concerts in London the next night and the hostel to do so. But after that adventure of waddling a tv home on public transportation, the first night I went to Hyde Park and did a British Summer Time show with The Killers headlining (U2 the next night at Twickenham). In the lineup was Elbow and I was treated this song. The precise type of venue you’d want to experience it - live in Britain at a festival. Such an honor and a good time.

Anyways, yeah, thanks for the good vibes.
Wrapped up iron yuppie's list yesterday.

“Voices Carry” was a strong and wonderfully unexpected opening song. I only first heard it on the Atomic Blonde soundtrack but have really enjoyed it ever since. I liked “Wishing” musically more than vocally, but it’s definitely a solid pick. Eurythmics tune was alright, but I really liked “Fade To Grey.” It flowed really well and sounded like a lost Depeche Mode track in places.

The shift with Gary Numan started my favorite portion of your playlist. The Pleasure Principle is on my list of albums to check out someday and I liked “Films.” Numan’s career is fascinating to me and I like how his newer work scratches that industrial music itch in-between Nine Inch Nails records. The song almost sounds like an outtake from the Berlin trilogy, so your Bowie selection was an excellent follow-up. “The Shade” and the first half of “Lazy Calm” would have also fit comfortably on side B of Low.

The songs between Durutti Column and Maximum joy didn’t do much for me, but I did really like Young Marble Giants. I’ll have to check them out. And the closing trilogy of Peter Gabriel, The Cure and Depeche Mode was a fantastic way to wrap this up. You did a great job highlighting the depth and variety of art rock/new wave movements of the late 70s/80s.
Listened to GAF's list this afternoon. I really enjoyed the first half of the list: the 90s-alt vibe was great, and I appreciated some of the lesser-known acts and albums represented here. Drugstore is a band I need to look into, and This Is Hardcore is a fantastic album across the board that unfortunately gets overlooked in Pulp's discography. For my money, Slowdive is the best band of the 90s, so I am always happy to hear them. There are a few transitions here that are going to be among the best of the competition as well, especially between El President and Like a Friend. The flow on the first half is impeccable.

The second half was more scattershot for my tastes, but still I can appreciate the craftsmanship on its construction. I'll give a shout-out to Hayley Williams: the track here reminded me how much I liked Petals for Armor - Why We Ever was one of the best songs of last year. I need to listen to the companion album that the cut here is from.

Overall this is a great list: concise and unpretentious, which is what I imagine GAF was going for.
“Voices Carry” was a strong and wonderfully unexpected opening song. I only first heard it on the Atomic Blonde soundtrack but have really enjoyed it ever since.

Ha, that's exactly where I heard it as well. Thanks for the feedback.
I started listening to Iron Yuppie’s playlist tonight. What a beautiful solid and musically pleasing playlist. “Voices Carry” is a ear worm for sure. I was pleasantly surprised to like that A Flock Of Seagulls song. I thought the synthesizers in the song were awesome. In fact, the use the synthesizers fit really nice into songs 1-6. I liked the Gary Numan and David Bowie songs and thought it flowed nicely in the playlist, but I personally enjoyed the vibes of the previous songs more. I am liking the transition of the David Bowie song into a soothing instrumental at times flow. So far I enjoy how this playlist has distinct parts of it. I will listen to the rest of the playlist tomorrow. Good job so far, iron yuppie. :) I will continue with Young Marble Giants tomorrow.
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I have to say as a general comment that I really like the shorter format. I enjoy getting lost in a playlist as much as anyone, but it can be hard to do for the full DIs given the length. A Mini DI list often hits the sweet spot of leaving me wanting some more, which I prefer than thinking I’ve had slightly too much. It was a good idea to go for the shorter format given the different circumstances this year, with everyone getting busier and the outside world being more appealing. Good job everyone.

Now on to the two great lists I’ve gotten through so far

iron yuppie

Those were two nice songs to build your playlist around, and they allowed for some consistency of style given the focus on new wave and post-punk. I liked that it had some experimental tinges, and quite a bit of diversity within that central sound. It’s Obvious felt more of a centerpiece than Voices Carry , which worked for me as I found the former an excellent song.

The middle section from Films though It’s Obvious was really strong, and my favorite part of the playlist. I’m always good with an inclusion off Low, and in this case I thought that the transitions in and out of Always Crashing the Same Car were really inspired. Super smooth. Great job there. It feels almost as though The Shade could fit in side 2 of Low (almost being the operative word here!).

I love Cocteau Twins, but Victorialand is one of their albums I haven't heard yet. It’s on my list. Elizabeth Fraser sounds remarkably like Kate Bush in this one, which is not something that I get with, say, Heaven or Las Vegas. Perfect dream pop.

That Young Marble Giants song really gave me some late 1990s PJ Harvey vibes, lovely stuff. I am not familiar with them and will certainly check them out. I see that they only have this one LP, so that should be easy.

The end run with Peter Gabriel, The Cure and Depeche Mode kind of brought the playlist full circle to the beginning.

Despite being very enjoyable throughout, I think you did a great job of putting out a playlist that is representative of you and some sounds you like. Really appreciated that.


I think you could have called your playlist “A Bunch of Good Songs” again (or whatever the title of last year’s playlist was). That was a fun listen. I was out on a run on an early Saturday morning and that was a great soundtrack.

I also had fun picturing you watching Dr. No or listening to Sonic Youth as part of your morning coffee routine.

I loved that your playlist started for real with Slowdive. Souvlaki has been on constant rotation for me this past year. There are no bad choices there, but Alison is a great one.

How did I know about El President? That’s a fucking great song. Iron yuppie made me think of Stories from the City… with a Young Marble Giants song, and this obviously took me to This Mess We’re In (now I might have to search for all other Thom Yorke duets I can find).

I gotta say I expected Coffee & TV when I saw Blur in your playlist, but The Universal is a great choice (and perhaps more of a morning coffee song). Those strings are so soothing. The whole song is such an earworm.

One Day Like This closed my first ever DI a long time ago. I hadn’t heard this song in ages. Elbow makes me think of cori.

As much as I like Teenage Riot, for my money Goo has the best opening sequence in any Sonic Youth album, and Tunic is the best of them. Good job finding room for it here.

This Hayley Williams album kind of went under the radar this year, but I really enjoyed it. “The first thing to go was the sound of his voice” is such a great opening line for an album. I really love the melody in the chorus. Hayley’s vocal delivery is so good. You made me want to listen to this album again.

I love The Strokes’ mellower side (Is This It, Under Control), and Ode to the Mets is Julian at his most self-reflective. “Old friends, long forgotten”… “pardon the silence that you are hearing/it’s turning into a deafening, painful, shameful roar”. So good. I need to listen to The New Abnormal more than I have so far.

Great stuff all around as usual, GAF.
It feels almost as though The Shade could fit in side 2 of Low (almost being the operative word here!).

The LP with The Shade was recorded with two members of the German group Cluster while Eno was in Berlin working with Bowie, so there is definitely a connection with Low. I'm actually waiting for LM to call me out for a lazy transition there, but I couldn't resist it. :lol:
So iron yuppie, I listened to the rest of your playlist. :) The Au Pairs did an amazing feat. They did a song that sounded so modern (even though it came out in the early 80’s!) and it fit nicely into the playlist. It went a little longer than I would like to go for but I enjoyed it. The Laurie Anderson was quite humorous. “This is your captain speaking. Put your head in your hands. We are going down.” So tongue in cheek and appropriate, esp. right now. Lol!! I love Peter Gabriel but “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)” never honestly resonated with me on So. :shrug: I thought the last two songs wrapped up the playlist nicely. Nice flow and engaging playlist overall, iron yuppie. Good job. :) My favorite part was the first half.
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Sorry for the delay in getting these comments out, I've been sick the past couple days, plus I had to prioritize some work related stuff.

iron yuppie

I had a somewhat similar list to this one in DI10 (which included a different Til Tuesday song), so I was comfortable here. Lots of great bands here from the same era that keep within similar production styles, so there's not a lot of heavy lifting to do with sequencing. Everything works together very easily and I never felt you had to reach to make a track fit.

I could go through each of these tracks and say why I love them, but nobody needs to see me gush for the millionth time about David Bowie, Cocteau Twins or Young Marble Giants, but I do want to highlight how great Wishing is. What a great pop song!

The most interesting and unique section of the list was Durutti Column through Peter Gabriel, when things got legitimately quirky and impressionistic. Spacey, dubby, psychedelic, dark and strange. These weren't my favorite songs (though I do love Durutti Column and Felt in general), but as a whole, I think it's where the list separates itself. When I made an 80s list, I focused on the sophisticated, urban, romantic corners of 80s pop and alternative music. Your vision of it is more fuzzy and abstract and I enjoyed that a lot.


Kind of stylistically all over the place and at 57 minutes it never quite felt complete to me, but taking it as an expansion pack for A Bunch of Good Songs, I enjoyed it a lot.

Sometimes I forget you're into dream pop and shoegaze. Slowdive and Ride are always welcome. I hadn't heard the Pulp song before, which took me by surprise because they're one of my favorite bands; I'm just really bad at getting into non-album material by bands I like.

The Universal/One Day Like This probably should have ended the thing because it was so fucking good and overwhelming that it felt like the list peaked in the middle.

You picked my favorite song on Goo!

I had never heard of Longpigs before this list but I fucked with that song HEAVY. Richard Hawley is a genius so I will be checking that side project out.

Ode to the Mets/Louise made more sense together than I thought it would and ended things pretty damn well.


Part of the issue I had with your last list was that it felt pretty samey across the length of a full DI entry. This entry, on the other hand, really benefits from the restrictions of the mini format. I was into it the whole time and enjoyed most of the songs. Obviously The Cure, Jay Som, Radiohead, Carly is no-brainer stuff for me, but I didn't mind the stuff I didn't know either, though I was admittedly less engaged with tracks 3-7.

You work within a handful of distinct sonic palettes here - upbeat 80s-influenced rock, creeping, murky art pop, clattering hip hop-influenced beats - and they're blended very nicely throughout. I was impressed by a number of the individual sequences as well. The Tourist didn't work overly well for me in the middle of the list, but the way it transitioned into Star Treatment made me quickly forget my issue with it.

One thing I would have done differently is place the HAIM/Taylor/Carly run earlier in the list, perhaps peppering them into that track 3-7 run. Right now, 10 d E A T h b R E a s T feels out of place, but transitioning that into All the Stars makes a ton of sense and maintains some tonal consistency. I think the instinct with putting HAIM/Taylor/Carly later in the list was to inject some energy later on, but I think they benefit the list more by adding some familiar faces in the early going.

Overall, a very enjoyable stretch of songs that showed a lot of skill for sequencing as well.
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I just listened to GirlsAloudFan playlist and here’s my thoughts. I felt like songs 1-4 the transitions, flow and song choices weren’t my cup of tea. However, the playlist gain momentum with “Vapour Trails.” Kudos for including one of my favorite Blur tracks and “Love Burns” is an excellent song. “One Day Like This” was really one of the stars of this playlist as well. I have never really been a Sonic Youth fan and it seemed out of place on the playlist as well. Maybe because I am not fond of Sonic Youth may have something to do with it. :I don’t know. Lol. shrug: In the last half of the playlist I thought that Strokes was a solid track. I thought “Louise” ended the playlist off well and humbly but sonically-speaking it wasn’t my favorite song on the playlist. Overall, great job GirlsAloudFan. I thought transitions could have been better in some places (song 1 to 2) but you picked some very awesome songs and there were parts of it that had a great positive energy to it (esp. songs 5-7). :)

It was a good on the way into work playlist, fit with my morning walk well.

I had never heard the El President song before and was caught off guard by 'hey isn't that Yorkey boy?'

Lost Myself by Longpigs was also pretty good and something I will be checking out further.

I will be honest but I'll be happy to never hear One Day Like This ever again. Seeing as Elbow are somewhat of a local band to these parts it got a lot of play some might say a wee bit too much play.

Love Burns always reminds me of Zooropa. Also I knew nothing of the Human League outside Don't You Want me Baby and it was a cool song to end on!
I listened to The Tourist playlist. :) Here are my thoughts:

I thought The Cure’s “Push” was a wonderful opener. However, songs 2-5 were just ok to me. Then it’s like the playlist gain momentum and a soothing vibe spread for a while, songs 6-10. This was definitely my favorite part of the playlist.

And I must say flow and transitions has been very well orchestrated on this playlist. Also, I enjoyed seeing each part of the playlist have a cohesiveness to it. From the soothing indie songs from 1-10, to the R n B of songs 11-13 to the poppy of songs 14-16 to the hip hop of the remaining songs.

I should say that I am not fan of the R n B, poppy or hip hop sections of this list but I can appreciate the diversity and flow of it. I am picky on what I like from those genres. :shrug:

My favorites tracks include songs by Author, The Cure, Noah Gundersen, and of course, Radiohead. Great job The Tourist. :)
As a preface, my comments are going to be a bit more concise this time around since having a newborn addition takes up way more attention than having a toddler and kindergartner. I won’t be commenting on every song, section, and transitions/flow* like I have in the past because I just don’t have the time for all of that. Listening this time around is taking up a good deal of my free time. Haha!

*I feel like we’re all fairly good at getting these lists to flow at this point so I’ll only point something out it it’s a true WTF moment.

Listened to iron yuppie’s playlist on a walk today. I always look forward to seeing what you’re going to bring because it’s typically not in my wheelhouse at all and I always find something I wouldn’t have otherwise listened to. There’s always a jazz element. I liked how chill it was. Some of my favorites included Ooh Ooh La La La, Lazy Calm, and Wishing. Obviously The Walk as well - I’m a pretty big fan of The Cure (probably moreso than U2 at this point in my life). Enjoyable soundtrack to an afternoon walk.
Thanks for the feedback everybody. [emoji846]

Iron yuppie, this list is excellent. The first six songs, from Til Tuesday to Bowie, were so enjoyable...loved the '80s (and '80s adjacent) feel. That Eurythmics track is killer. I think I'd heard it before but it really clicked this time and I might have to listen to that entire album. So good. Visage reminded me of Kraftwerk in a good way. And why has it been a decade since I've listened to Low?

I liked the rest of the list too but it was that opening stretch that stuck in my head. Also, ending the playlist with Never Let Me Down Again is a strong move.

Tourist, a playlist that has Arctic Monkeys and Taylor Swift? That's hot. Those are probably the two artists I've spent the most time championing on this forum? And I don't think either has showed up on a DI list before.

Jay Som was probably the best discovery for me. I really liked the sound of that. The Cure leading into it was great...Head on the Door might be my favorite Cure album.

Putting your own music on a DI list is an interesting move but I can't hate on it ;)

Overall, this has a bunch of cool tracks (your namesake track, Pink Rabbits, Redbone, Forever, All The Stars, etc)

Good shit by both of you guys. This is fun.
GAF, you had a pretty unique start to the playlist with the Bond theme, but I found the flow to be a bit rough between that, Slowdive and Drugstore. I also couldn’t really stand the vocals on “El President,” though the music was decent. The Britpop adjacent section from Pulp to Elbow was fantastic though. I liked that you went with a This is Hardcore track for Pulp rather than Different Class. And “The Universal” into “One Day Like This” was perfect.

The Sonic Youth song was fantastic. I’ve yet to really explore their discography. Is Goo a good place to start? “Love Burns” was alright, but I really like the inclusion of “First Thing To Go.” I’ve really enjoyed Hayley Williams’ two solo albums. I think I like Petals for Armor more than Flowers for Vases, but this is still an excellent, beautifully fragile tune. “Ode to the Mets” is an awesome song, from the only Strokes album so far that I actually really like. “Louise” was another new one for me but made for a nice coda to wrap things up. I enjoyed how relaxed and varied your list was - good coffee choices all-around!
Listening through Tourist's list now, but wanted to take a moment to say how great the three-song run from Star Treatment to Redbone is. Hard not to groove to that.
(though I do love Durutti Column and Felt in general)

I remember you being a big fan of Felt. I love Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty, but have had a hard time getting into the other albums. I'm not sure I like his voice, which is probably why I prefer the more instrumentally-driven early albums.
Tourist: similar to what LM said, I felt like this list has considerably more sonic diversity than your last entry, which was great to hear. Push as an opener really works given the propulsive nature of the track, and the flow through the first half is steady even in places where I thought it might not have been at first glance. I already mentioned how much I dug the mini soul/motown inspired section. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but not even the biggest hater can deny the hook on Style. Good batch of songs here.
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