Pro Wrestling Thread- Part 2

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Oh, another thing from last night: So uh, Gold Dust. That's an interesting guy there...
Yes, Goldust is an awesome character! Plus, his brother, Stardust, is awesome too. Just think, Goldust has been around since 1995. He was one of the first characters who helped usher in the WWF's Attitude Era. Yes, he's been released about 4 times, but WWE has always taken him back. His current run from 2013 and on has arguably been his best. He's had great tag matches with Cody/Stardust and he's in the best shape of his life. Goldust is a bona fide HOFer.
I remember my friends having a toy of him, now that I think about it, but holy shit, that was really weird.
Yeah, action figure. He watched WWF while I was watching WCW, so we had some great crossover action figure battles.
Nice! I've got a couple of Bret Hart action figures from the 90's. Plus, one with him and Owen. I've never taken them out of the package, but they're not worth that much the last time I checked.

I remember when Goldust first appeared with Marlena and she was smoking a cigar very suggestively. Ahh, the good old days. :wink:

They will coddle him in hopes he brings back the Lesnar fans or something. Then he'll probably go back to fake fighting.

I watched some documentary on Netflix on the guy, he seemed like a cool dude actually. My hatred for pro wrestling is pretty deep-seated though.
Yeah, Punk is a cool dude/bit of an asshole, depending on where you sit on the whole "treating your wrestlers with basic decency" thing.

However, he's 36, has beat up knees, has had multiple concussions, a fractured skull, broke his pelvis, just recovered from an MSRA infection, all sorts of minor injuries as well. He's also not the freak of nature that Lesnar is, so how well he'll do in the UFC is questionable.
Yeah, it SUCKED. Harper/Ziggler was a really good match, brutal and energetic. The rest of the show never got out of first gear - even Wyatt/Ambrose, two of my favourites ever, had a match that was pretty poorly structured. I liked the ending, but the match itself didn't build in an organic way.
Yeah, I'd say it's gotten mixed reviews at best. I usually catch one WWE PPV a year and that's WrestleMania. Punk was my favorite dude, but then he left. Then Daniel Bryan was my dude and he got injured. Slowly but surely, I'm getting into the younger bucks like Ambrose, Rollins and Wyatt, though.
Word making the rounds is that tonight on Raw, WWE will announce that Randy "Macho Man" Savage will be inducted into their Hall of Fame.
Last night on Raw, WWE confirmed the rumors and announced that Macho Man will be inducted this year into the WWE HOF. :up: Hulk Hogan will be inducting him in.
No :sad:. I realized well into Tuesday that I forgot to set a recording for it. Maybe it's on the Youtube.
Lat night, WWE had a special Raw Reunion show. Hogan, Flair and HBK were there as well as the nWo, the APA and the New Age Outlaws. But, there was one special appearance that wasn't advertised. For the first time ever, Sting was live on Monday Night Raw, much to the anger of HHH. Looks like HHH/Sting at WM31. This Sunday is the Royal Rumble. In addition to the RR match itself, Seth Rollins and John Cena will be facing WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, in a Triple Threat championship match.

WWE is also going to announce today that AT+T Stadium in Dallas, Texas will be the site of WM 32.
Damn it. I forgot to set the recording for that, as I was on vacation. I just knew that was going to happen.

I tried to record Smackdown last week, too, but I missed that as well. Well, shit. I'm sure I'll be able to find it somewhere.
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