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Hi everyone! welcome to the board! i am thateled :applaud::cute:
Hi everyone, I'm an 18 year old who has enjoyed the music of U2 for the majority of my life. I was introduced to U2 when I was a young child because my parents loved to play HTDAAB, ATYCLB, and Achtung Baby in the car. I became a massive fan when I was 13 and lurked around fansites like this one from time to time but never made an account until now.

See you around, everybody! :wave:
Hi to all of the "new" people. Hope you enjoy your time here. And hopefully once the new album comes out and the next leg of the tour begins, it will become more active!
Hi everyone!

I was previously a part of this community about 9 years ago and have really felt the need to get connected again to all of you wonderful people through our shared love of U2. <3

I'm happy to be back!

Hi everyone my names Landon Bolton and I'm from the United Kingdom first time using this forum so not sure what I'm doing. I've been a fan of u2 since 1987 and seen them on Zooropa, PopMart, 2001 Can't Leave Behind, Vertigo, 360degrees and got tickets for Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Dublin. Accidentally got Pitch 1 tickets in presale though as was unaware of Pitch 2! Sick of it but would kindly swap my 2 tickets! Just a shot!

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Thanks for letting me follow. My Family started the U2 musical journey with The War Album. We went to our first concert in ‘84 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and have seen every tour since that stops here including May 15th ‘18 at the Inglewood Forum. I look forward to more shows snd chatting with about U2:wave:
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