Play Do You Feel Loved, Babyface, Some Days Are Better Than Others, Playboy Petition

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The Fly
Aug 25, 2004
Dear U2, it is time. It is beyond time. Yes, we would love to have a full Popmart or Zooropa album show. But we know that you won’t do that. Too many visuals to produce, logistics to consider, lighting cues to trigger, Thousands of inflatable Lemons to source.
But here’s the ask. Just play these 4 songs in this order. Get it over with already. Do it for yourselves. Do it for Bram’s secret desire to play Pop songs.
Sure, you did Babyface a few times in the UK 30 summers ago. Playboy Mansion snippets too in Streets. But let me make the case that Vegas is the perfect case lyrically to perform them. Plus, half the audience doesn’t even care what you play in the middle of the set. So, lose R&H. We’ve heard em. You did Seconds. Cool. MIND BLOWN. But…Do you feel love? DJ party at the reception for a shotgun wedding at a Vegas chapel? Babyface…..Porn in the hotel room tv perfection? Some Days….Count your losses at the table? Playboy Mansion…. C’mon! Have you walked down the strip? Have you stopped to pray at the gates of that Mansion yet?

To quote YOU Bono. “This is no time not to BE ALIVE!” And be alive you must! And channel your inner U2 live completist!

Or at least just play Lemon live for Pete’s sake.
Nothing would get that crowd on their feet and fist pumping more than Babyface. They could add some pyrotechnics to go along with it too.
HMTMKMKM would have been amazing in the #2 slot on Zooropa. Totally changes the flow of the first 5 songs.
I can't remember if I was ever able to enjoy Hold Me for what it was, because the batman shit in the 360 setlist threads completely ruined the song for me.
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