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Jul 4, 2023
Hi everybody!

I hope you are all well! I'm a young U2 fan from Massachusetts, USA who really got into their stuff during the pandemic. I also picked up guitar and now I'm learning many U2 songs with my Player's Stratocaster and my Les Paul Studio! I use an Axe-FX II with HS8 studio monitors, and it sounds great for my purposes! This forum seemed like a great resource for Edge-related rig questions, so I thought I'd join!

I use a program called "demucs" which separates vocals, bass, drums, and other sound into four separate stems. This is such a helpful learning tool as I can take any live U2 recording, use this program to filter out Edge's guitar, and then simply add a sequence if necessary and play along with my guitar! I just thought I'd share a bit about how I cover live U2 in case there are other beginners out there who need inspiration!

My ultimate goal is to play in a U2 tribute band someday, but I'm still a long way off. I'm currently trying to learn an entire ZOO TV setlist (from Dublin 1993, since the recording of that show is so incredible) and if there is interest, I may start a YouTube channel with some guitar covers of songs from that show!

Sorry for the rant, I just thought I'd introduce myself! Thank you, admins, for the add and I hope to be able to contribute to the community in a positive way!

Stay safe everyone!

-theocean81 :wave:
Between about 2000 to 2012 ish there was a very active Edge centric site called u2 Guitar tutorials. Lots of info and videos posted to youtube by the owner Michael O'Hare?. Used to be backing tracks pulled from the live dvds up thru 360 tour. I don't know id the site is used much anymore or still available. Not much guitar centric music to learn these last few albums. I personally haven't picked up my guitars since pre-pandemic. I never advanced beyond living room playing using a pod hd 500 thru a powered speaker.
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