Sphere #2 setlist party

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oh god Bono. Why do you have to mess up the biggest build up of the song that the crowd loves to belt out, by trying to mumble something different. Just play the damn songs and don't fuck around.
I'm here and have no idea what you're talking about

leading into the Heart and Sooooouuuull, Yeah Yeah!! part of Angel, he just sorta trailed off, and the crowd sorta picked up where it was supposed to be, but no where near the usual full belted unison of pretty much every show I've been at or have seen video of since.

slight quibble, but sort of annoying when you're playing a stomping sing a long.
The reviews were best show of all time... and you guys thought they would chane 1 thing.... ha ha.
Edge's guitar in this part of So Cruel is so awesome. Gavin Friday was right about this being a show stopper
It's obvious this is just a replay of last night and the screen is so amazing, no one notices the band isn't really there.
So Cruel into Acrobat is such a good pairing. SC eases you back in after the acoustic break, Acrobat turns it up to 11

now if only they could get the visuals going for Ultraviolet and Love is Blindness
It is U2 we are talking about, so deviations from the standard set list isn’t something they are comfortable with, especially a Zootv style show which remained largely static during each individual leg during its original run.
Eventually when they have a handle on the show they’ll rotate that slot more

They also already pulled out a bunch of rarities for these shows as well.
It's obvious this is just a replay of last night and the screen is so amazing, no one notices the band isn't really there.

They’re really showing off what the Sphere can do. A.I. generated band members. It also leads credence to the claim that Bono got sick from some bad turkey at the buffet, and he’s currently blowing up Jim Dolan’s executive bathroom while they wait for some poor gopher to return with some wet wipes
Love is Blindness is another one I didn't think the visuals really got "there" for. the performance is what counts of course, but I feel like there was more on the table there

but man do they rip this. shouldn't have been put away for as long as it was...
So maybe they switch out Elevation for Discotoque???

That is the clear next best option to rotate. Adam and Bram did say all the switch ups won't be at the same points in the show.

Discotheque and City of Blinding Lights could both work well here!
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