Las Vegas Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

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how you got one i'll never know, someone is looking out for you.

they're gone...i wish i drank, i'd get drunk

time to go home and watch lost and stress until saturday.


don't think they're sold out.

I got "no seats available in that price range" for 30 mins.

Then a GA popped up at 3:32!!!

keep trying, & good luck!
If I already got 3 for Rose Bowl and 1 for here, why are they letting me try for another one? Do they just mean you can only get 4 max for this specific show?


All I wanted were GA's for Vegas... yeah, I changed my mind last minute!

Now section 204 row 11... guess we will be catching this from the side! That's ok though. Too many Boots people out there. Too many scalpers I'm sure!

Checked again and again... can't do this for so long so I caved and got tickets. I could have done this for free with the UNLV presale!!!! I was curious and the GA's for Phoenix were still available. :up:
I had IE and firefox going at the same time - both got through about the same time. like 15 minutes after it started.

yeah I had IE (with firefox ready - wasn't sure if they'd log IP addresses & boot me out).

at 3:30 i finally gave up on GA, tried for a $30 seat. was offered section 236 row 7. accepted the seat & logged into UNLV.

while the time for the purchase was counting down I tried for a GA on firefox, & it brought one up! cancelled the seat & got the GA. man i feel lucky! :D

now time to book that siena suites room!
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