Las Vegas Presale/General Sale Discussion Thread

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Let's keep all of the Las Vegas presale/general discussion in this thread.

U2 Tickets - Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV Concert

Presale April 14th-16th, Public Sale April 18th


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so everyone has to repeat all the clever and funny things everyone said in the "waiting for the presale" thread????
:wave: Just want to say so happy to be posting here now, knowing for sure we are all going to Vegas and that I didn't save my pre sale code for nothing!! :hyper:

Now, onto ticket strategies - I need to get 4 seats, would really like them all to be together, but won't sacrifice sitting together if I think I can get significantly better seats buying 2 sets of 2, instead of 4 together. From doing some trial runs on the other shows pre sales, it seemed like I pulled up better seats as pairs, not as 4 together. Any opinions from the peanut gallery - should I just go for 4 together, or does anyone think I would get much better seats as 2 pairs? I'm Horizon, if that makes a difference.

Can't wait!!:hyper:
Yay! I'll be looking for 4 seats too :hmm: Driving in to Vegas on Thursday, then back to San Diego on Sat., then up to LA !! :hyper:
I think you can have your pick of 4 since you're in the Horizon group. It would be different if you were in boots. ...imo
:wave: Just want to say so happy to be posting here now, knowing for sure we are all going to Vegas and that I didn't save my pre sale code for nothing!! :hyper::

Same here! :hyper:

I have not even used my presale code yet haha. Also going for GA's :up:
Glad I saved one final presale code. GA, here I come! :rockon:

... assuming it goes like Chicago 2 and there are GAs available for the Breathe group. There should be - I'm not too worried.


I saved one last ticket on the presale code in case this happened as well. I just hope by the time I can use it (I think I'm boots) there will still be GA's left :(
damn...well I'm really glad the show finally became official...It's just unfortunate I had to spend all my Horizon presales on Rose Bowl for family haha...oh well...damn, anyone think there's a chance at GA still on public on-sale date?
I can't decide between seats and GAs. My wife has a Boots presale code, so GAs may or may not be there. But if I was going to spend any time in the GA line, Vegas would be the place (it would keep me out of trouble on the Strip).


I got too excited when tickets first went on sale and used all my breathe ticket spots up for two shows..I'll be stuck hoping to get something during the general sale. Hoping for GA, but may just end up with some seats (hopefully! haha) for Vegas.
is that an official seating layout? i was wondering if it would be more like the Oklahoma City layout since the stadium set-up is similar
I dont think that's OFFICIAL official. Its not up on ticketmaster yet.
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