U2 in Toronto July 30 2003????

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Talk about an oversell... :angry:

Politicians + media = lies lies lies :rant:

Have to remember that the Toronto media were responsible for the BS that scared ppl away to begin with....
In defence of the city of Toronto, I don't think they're the only one. Frankly, if you go to any US city, the media is even worse here in the states. I GUARANTEE IT!:)

Lying SOB's. If you think that is bad, come down here. HAHAHAHA.
Justin Timberlake and The Isley Brothers will be the highlight.

The other acts, as Kobi pointed out, are the best ever Wednesday night line up.
I was just talking to some city officials and they told me that they were trying hard to get U2 but the band had comitments so they tried getting just Bono but he had a comittment for some other country on the 30th. Supposedly they were trying up till last night to get them and the city thought it would have been a go. oh well. We'll just have to wait till 2004 like everyone else.

after being told to die and burn because i said bono's going bald, i've decided to follow the deathbear line of thinking and just be annoying... so i present these pictures



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martha said:

So, the headlining bands, including the Stones, are mostly bands which haven't released new material in years, in addition to Justin Timberlake, and a few up and coming bands??

:tsk: I'll stay in Cleveland that day.

Oh well. Perhaps I'll see you in Cleveland martha! I'll most likely be there on July 27th, give a day or two. We're heading home via Niagara on the 30th after visiting Six Flags too.
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