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Not as innovative as Id hoped, but solid. Not enough mind blowing Edge guitar work, that we all know he is capable of. Its almost as if he backed off at times to make room for Eno/Lanois and soundscape bits. I prefer Edge in the driver seat type sounds, ala Achtung.

would be 5 without Crazy Tonight on the album,
I don't get it, why they always have to make sweet, cheesy pop songs to ruin the albums :doh:

nevermind, one bad song and ten amazing songs is actualy "up there" with AB and much better than JT, so :drool:
4.5 :applaud:
Its too early for me to formulate an honest opinion because I'm so excited about what I heard... I'll have to give it some more time... Last album I was gushing over it all time and after a year, well... lets just say its on the bottom of my favourite list...

In this early stage I'll give NLOTH an 4 star (But I think it will go up to 5 in the future)
3.5 stars (Dont get me wrong I am damn impressed - I just like to mark low)

e.g Pop is my favourite album and its a 4 star.

I am in Market Research and people like you make my life difficult.

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