Desert Island XI - QUARANTINE ISLAND - Master List and Discussion Thread

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That's a shame about Dave and Laz.

There may still be time to catch up if you change your mind but no pressure, managing your own headspace is important at the moment, gotta do what you gotta do.

In regards Laz I would be up for putting together a playlist in another format that Laz may have access to (like another streaming service), But that may not work for a lot of people and requires everyone really to be able to do it to be fair.
Thanks to friggin' Cobbler, I started putting together a Melbourne list in my lunch break. It's idiosyncratic, of course, and a few of my favourites of recent years aren't on Spotify, but this is fun, especially remembering a few bands I have inexcusably left to one side for a few years.
Thanks to this tournament, Spotify now thinks I'm into The National and keeps suggesting them to me.

Also, been tinkering away at the Melbourne list I mentioned above, and I wonder if it would be fun in future to do some sort of Geographic Island? We could each choose a city/region/scene/whatever we're passionate about and submit tunes from or about there.
Does anyone still need to finish any lists? There has been a fairly steady stream of commentary this past week, so I haven't felt the need to intervene.

If we are done, I'll give you guys a week to get your ballots together.
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I have one list left and plan to listen on Monday. Sorry about the delay but I had a busy work week just before a week of vacation, so I couldn’t listen to any lists for that span.
I feel really bad that I haven’t provided commentary. Life hit me like a brick. Been driving thousands of miles and slammed with work. Will try to find time to force all this in.
I've listened to them all just haven't had time to finish my write-ups. But can submit ratings and will finish write-ups in the meantime.
I have finished all lists, just have to post thoughts on iYup's (spoiler alert: it's great), and will be all done.
Are we including the lists from Dave and Laz in the ratings or not?
You absolutely can write them in if you want, they are on my personal ballot, but I won't be including their lists in the final ranking.

It would be interesting to see how their lists would have performed had they stayed in, but I'm not yet sure about making the ballots public after the fact. I feel like that happened once before, but I could be wrong.
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I have two more lists to listen to, and three that I've listened to but haven't provided commentary on yet.

I will try to get it done.
Alright, if that's the timeline we're all on, I would like to encourage participants to have their rankings in by next Monday. I will send out a mass PM reminder later in the week.

Remember, if you do not turn your rankings in, you will not be included in the final ranking. It's only right that you should participate in that capacity if you submitted a list, as it represents the competitive feature of DI in lieu of frequent polling.
My votes are in! I was excited when I figured out my winner was. It was very obvious for me and a very easy choice at the end of the day and I'm delighted at my winner.
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