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Thanks for your detailed thoughts, LN7! To clarify: Waxahatchee is indeed from the south, but Katie Crutchfield moved to and has lived in Philly since the mid-2010s. She's considered a local now; she's an artist who has joined other acts on stage when they've played in Philly. I think she joined Snail Mail when I saw them.

I would say Kurt Vile is a more interesting lyricist than Adam Granduciel of the War on Drugs, but that the War on Drugs has more interesting music.
I think you're right on the money with that. I like Kurt Vile OK, but War on Drugs is just so much more entertaining to listen to, for me.
I soured on them quite a bit when I saw them in concert a couple years ago. I'd seen Roger Waters the night before, and felt so strongly about that show I wanted to go again the next night. Annoyingly I had tickets to see TWOD with a friend, and tried to get her to sell her ticket, but she couldn't so I went to TWOD with her. It was two hours of the same song and I found myself quite bored an unmoved, but mostly just wishing I was at Roger Waters again.

Under the Pressure scratches the itch for me. I love that song and have no need for any other TWOD songs. Whereas I still turn to Wakin on a Pretty Daze pretty often, I loved Lotta Sea Lice with Courtney Barnett. Wasn't anywhere near as big on blieve im going down or Bottle it In though, so I can definitely agree with people on that samey sound they have. "Bassackwards" fucking slaps though.
I agree, I don't like them live. I left in the middle of a set of theirs at Lollapalooza once.

I just can't stand how cutesie Kurt Vile tries to be. But I do like his music, so it's kinda mixed bag for me .
I prefer Kurt Vile, in general. Much more warmth, personality and humor in his music. He communicates a real sense of who he is and what he's about. It's easy to be a fan of his. Songs like Baby's Arms, Jesus Fever, Wakin on a Pretty Day, Goldtone and Pretty Pimpin have really meant a lot to me over the years. I remember taking notice of Pretty Pimpin's lyrics during a really bad period of depersonalization and feeling more understood, at that moment, than I ever have in my life. It was so great that my experience was being related by someone I had never met.

TWOD are very consistent and do what they do very well, but it's difficult to love their music because I don't feel anything when I hear their lyrics or vocals. Anyone could be fronting that band and it wouldn't really matter; it's all about the guitar and the hugeness of the overall sound. Honestly? I couldn't quote a single TWOD lyric. Not one. And I think Lost in the Dream is one of the best albums of the 2010s. I've heard it many times. Maybe it's the mixing, or maybe the writing is just bland, but nothing Adam Granduciel sings sticks with me.

It makes a lot of sense that Adam left Kurt Vile's band to focus on TWOD; he definitely comes across as a great guitarist who wanted to try his hand at songwriting, whereas Kurt was the guy with the songs. Adam's work on Smoke Ring for My Halo is really something and the blending of their talents makes for a great listen.
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