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I like the cover photo thing, but that's about it lol.


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Oh so you can see mine even though yours hasn't changed yet?
Before you could only see other people's timelines if you had the timeline already.
I can see the timelines of those who have it, even though I don't.

Great pic of the cats Sicy!:cute:
i guess now everyone can see timelines as a way to entice people to upgrade. i actually like the timeline feature, what i don't like about it is that some posts don't show up. that's actually an awesome thing, but they still show up for people viewing my profile the old way, so i have to go and delete stuff sometimes. i swear there weree a couple days recently where i became the mayor of like five places on foursquare and i don't want to spam people like that.
Is anyone else getting the surveys on the right hand side asking how well you know someone on your friends list? Iritating.
I hate that WwF isn't working on Facebook. Sometimes it was slow, but now it isn't loading at all. The page just keeps refreshing itself, and making this clicking sound. :crack:

ETA: Is there a time when that new profile will be mandatory? I'm still using the old one.
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I have been inactive on facebook for long time already, maybe it's time to go back.
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