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Download the "Better Facebook" plugin if you're using Firefox. It works well, and you can make it green!

That's pretty cool.. way too many options and settings though lol. :crazy:

^ I'm sure there was a thread around here where peeps put up their hands if they were happy to be added as fb friends . . . :hmm: and I know that when you log out of interference there is a banner at the bottom of the log out screen which shows interference members who are on fb :)

EDIT . . . this is the thread I was referring too . . . it's a start!
You guys are lucky. I was just sort of getting to like FB when they went and crammed that annoying ticker on the page. It's just always there taking up almost a third of the FB screen (you can't scroll away from it) and it's always moving so it's really distracting. I hate trying to read with that moving all the time right next to what I'm reading, so I've just mostly stopped going to FB at all now. :(
My facebook is almost totally unusable at the moment. The whole top half of the page is blue, and the right hand column is now smack dab in the middle, making everything else appear in the wrong spot. It means I can't play Words With Friends.:sad: Damn facebook! :madwife:
^ :ditto: . . . mine is just freezing if I click on the ticker and I can't get to notifications and / or messages and on the ole fanciPhone the photo viewer / tagger / change pic thing is having a little party without me :crack: . . . time to go read my news the old fashioned way methinks :)
I tried the new timeline a while back but honestly I preferred the simple old look better so I switched back. Now it automatically switched me to the new one. :sad:
I still have no ticker yet...

I wish they would just leave it alone. It wasn't broken!
Anyone's fb automatically change to the new layout today? :slant:

I still have the old one, but suddenly videos won't work there anymore. It wants me to download a new Flash player. :| So i did, and it still doesn't work.
I opted for the new timeline layout (because it's going to happen on Christmas Eve anyways).

It's not that bad if you understand what it shows. Otherwise, it just looks like a mess. Took me a while to figure it out though.
I've had the timeline for quite a while now and I still prefer the old way. Usually I dont mind the changes but it puts things all weird on your page and sometimes out of order.. I dont know its hard to get used to. And you dont have that long row of tagged pics at the top of your page anymore, just one pic. Now the mobile version and app have changed to timeline too.
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