2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign Discussion Thread-Part 11

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My county is just filled with McCain signs. I still think Obama's going to win our county.
was anyone else a part of the exit polls? I was! I haven't been before. But the guy stopped after i walked out and asked if I would fill out the questionnaire so I did.. I am glad I did.. :D
I don't recall seeing any McCain paraphernalia in the parts of Seattle I frequent .... which is highly unsurprising. ;)

Oh yeah. The guy next door is Republican and from Seattle. I had a nice discussion with him at 3am last Saturday when we both came back at about the same time from our Halloween parties. He said he and one of his friends were the only Conservatives surrounded by Democrats. :D
But he is a nice guy.
It took me 1/2 an hour to vote this time.

Most times I am in and out in about 5 minutes.

It took me about 5 seconds
to decide to hit the touch screen for Obama.

He gets the benefit of my doubts this time.

In 2012 he must earn my vote.

I overheard from my child that a registered voter she knew was voting for McCain, and very passionate about it. She mentioned a reason for not voting for Obama was that she worked hard to get to her position, and that Obama would take her job away. She also said the younger generation sux and they just expect things & aren't grateful at all. She had to get a job when she was in her teens, but what the hell does that have to do with thinking Obama would take her job away from her? I have no frickin' clue :banghead:
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OK, I am gonna get set for the polls to close with a quick shower, grab some food, relocate in front of the TV. See you all in a few...
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