Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance

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Dec 12, 2012
Rue St. Divine
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i wonder whether you COULD have heard them from up there

i walked around and past the RC area trying to get the longest angle avasilable to zoom in on the roof but I COULDN'T SEE ANYTHINMG

I Finally had to go inside after taking the pics

the sun was still up but near to setting

so when i went inside they must of played with in 25 mins

ah..... well......
i came out later to wait for them to leave

ah!!! OL!
That was amaaaazing. Great call on the visuals having the marching band up there in red, their sharp moves really accented the song. Funny Adam bouncing to keep warm! And Larry looked COLD despite his roboexpression. I think think I could see his lips going "Fuck fucking shit cold" as he played.

Know what I think the best sign about that performance was? Edge didn't look relaxed AT ALL. He looked wound up tight and ready to take over, not on autopilot for sure. :drool: And he's pretty darn close to clean shaven there!! Maybe the closest we'll ever see again. I likes it very much.
That was such a glorious performance! And the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline was beautiful. Wow!

Oh lord, last night was AMAZING.

Adam looked STELLAR. I wanted to leap through my tv and sit right there on the couch with him! :love:

I can not wait to be able to sit and screencap the video clips and make GIFs. Jeevey, I trust you'll make an Edge/Stairway one? :wink:

Bouncy. Adam. That's all I can say. :cute:


1) Am I the only one who thought it was kinda shit to lay the "high" comment on Adam? Made me wanna schnuzzle him. :/

2) How freaking cute was B hiding behind E at the end there when they jumped off the couch? E's a woobie!

3) This may be the most ginger I've ever seen the dwarf!

4) If these ratbastards spring a surprise drop/tour on us yet this year and I am laid up after the brain surgery, I will never ever ever ever forgive them (but will continue to lust obsessively).

5) In the immortal words of Polexia Aphrodisia, "It's all happening!"

:hyper::hyper::hyper: x infinity (caffeine may be responsible for appx. 40% of this)
Any HQ big screenshots from Invisible that can be used as computer wallpaper? And something that would work cropped in portrait so I can deck out my phone and Nexus 7 as well? :D
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