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Nov 7, 2010
So I know the band, edge in particular, stated that due to the size of the production, there isn't going to be much room to be flexible with the setlist. However we are now nearly 10? shows into the residency and the setlist has remained overwhelmingly static, save for the rattle and hum interlude in between the AB set. But even that is i think also too static, i.e the same songs appear every night. We're not seeing deepcuts from that album such as Hawkmoon 269 or Heartland, let alone select tracks from other albums. WOuld love to see the SOS version of THBAO slot right in there..Hoping the band will delve deeper into their back catalogue as the residency progresses otherwise , save for the opening night, the setlist is too predictable and pedestrian, they need to shake it up, with or without the Sphere's box of tricks...
indeed and if Bono and Edge felt the contents of SOI were undervalued, that 4 song set break is the perfect opportunity to remind people of its quality - Raised by Wolves, EBW, California...and from SOE...the Blackout, little things, lights of home, but in my view, their discography is littered with quality tracks practically on every album. A lot of filler there too, but hidden gems too..
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