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So this is how I ranked... I didn't want to hand out a ton of 10s, as that cheapens things... not everything can be a 10 and that should only be reserved for the absolute best of the best

10 - perfect
9 - great
8 - very good
7 - good
6 - above average
5 - average
4 - below average
3 - meh
2 - this song stinks
1 - Boots

So anything 7 or a over is good, 5/6 is average to above average, 4 and 3 are meh, 2 stinks and 1 is Boots.

10s - 6
(All I Want is You, Bad, One, Until the End of the World, Where the Streets Have No Name,With or Without You)
9s - 9
8s - 26
7s - 43
6s - 43
5s - 50
4s - 40
3s - 23
2s - 11
1s - 3
(Drunk Chicken, Boots, Miami)

The Joshua Tree - 8.1
Achtung Baby - 8
Boy - 6.9
The Unforgettable Fire - 6.8
War - 6.6
Rattle and Hum - 6.4
Pop - 6
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - 5.9091
Zooropa - 5.9
All That You Can't Leave Behind - 5.6
October - 5.5
Songs of Innocence -5.4
No Line On The Horizon - 4.9
OS1 - 4.2
There've been some voiced intentions to complete the survey that have still to submit. We aren't at a number I'd like to be at just yet, so we're standing by for submissions.
I gave out a few 1s, two of them were Elvis Presley and America (the worst U2 song) and Elivs Ate America (also terrible).
Ax you've got a friend - Dave also reordered the form.

Luckily, I got dat VLOOKUP() function down pat. Because, yeah, well, tbh it's not exactly perfect in alphabetical order. It's in wikipediorder.

I couldn't even do it alphabetically. I needed to rank album by album and scrolling was a pain in the arse so I re-sorted it.
I couldn't even do it alphabetically. I needed to rank album by album and scrolling was a pain in the arse so I re-sorted it.

In the future, you can highlight the entire thing and add a data filter. It preserves the original format but allows you to enable all rows featuring a certain item in it. For example, since we had an album column, you can add a data filter to temporarily show all rows that have "Boy" in the album column.
I actually think doing it album by album skews the results... you're more likely to give songs on albums you like higher grades and vice versa... whereas alphabetically it's a little more likely you'll simply just the song on its own merits.

A number of things can skew the results. For example, everyone sharing their results in this thread could have led incomplete submissions to believe their results should look like other results.

I agree that changing the order will probably skew your results, but since there's no way on an open sheet that I can't stop people from just ctrl+F'ing the results in whatever order they want...

Basically, if there's no way to guarantee something, better to just account for it. For example, I could not guarantee that everyone finished their entire survey. So instead, practice is to throw it away if it's incomplete. That I can do, concretely. But I can't tell if someone listened to the songs in entirety, or in what order. So instead, narrowest rules ended up pretty broad.

Same goes for the conversation in here. Since you guys aren't a "random" sample, there's no sense in trying to bar conversation. Just account for it in the results by stating that everyone was in fact allowed to talk about how they chose to answer the survey.
Good people of the interwebs, I've finally returned to normal life after moving and starting a new job and graduating and I've also finally learned a new data toolkit. This project has encouraged me to expand my programming - data will be available by the weekend I hope!
Ha, I was just thinking this morning if the results had come out and I had missed them, or if you were still busy.

Look forward to it. :up:
Almost folks. Almost. I swear this time. I have the ranking done in ASCII style ready for here, plus plots and hypothesis testings across demographics. Still working on album breakdowns and scatters.
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