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Dave A

Apr 25, 2024
New York
Great site. I am a new member.
Ever since I heard a strange new tune I Will Follow on CFNY-FM Radio in 1980 and witnessed Bono scale the balconies of Old Massey Hall, flag in hand, in Toronto in the early 80s I have been a believer in this band. At present I am looking for an authoritative and objective U2 biographer author/writer/film documentarian that fans believe is the person that I should appear on my podcast Garage to Stadiums to tell the Story of U2. I want to find the right person. At Garage to Stadiums we interview biographers who tell the inside story of the journey of a performer or band from obscurity to fame. So I welcome any thoughts on who our production crew should pursue as writing the best bio or doc on the band. U2, Ramones, Sex Pistols stories on the way. Also interested in some lesser known cuts that G2S listeners should hear (eg. songs like Seconds or Drowning Man etc.)


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