I'm disappointed in every tour U2 have ever done

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Jun 2, 2003
I'm disappointed in the Boy Tour. U2 are getting away from their punk roots. Remember how good they were when they were just gigging around Dublin? They'd set up on crates or the front steps of their school or WHEVERER and JUST PLAY. That was proper music, sticking it up the stuffy musical establishment. Now they're starting to sell out. They aren't even playing any of their old classics like Street Mission or The Fool or Pete the Chop! Don't they know what their true fans want to hear? They'll be hocking off shit on TV within a year or two. Pathetic.

I'm disappointed in the October Tour. The Boy Tour was electrifying. U2 had so much energy. But now it's just some shitty fake-punk Christian revival. None of these new songs even sound good, and ugh I don't need some tubby Irish kid-preacher telling me to rejoice. Look at how they're falling back on their Boy stuff to pad out the setlist. They can't figure out what to do with the new songs. This band is tanking, hard. Nobody will remember them in a year.

I'm disappointed in the War Tour. U2 were performing for something greater than themselves on the October Tour and the shows felt so meaningful. Now Bono's just shitting on about politics. Shut up man, nobody cares. Keep it to yourself. That white flag gimmick is so fucking corny. You can tell the band are desperate because Bono has to keep climbing up scaffolding to get attention. It's not about the music any more. Forget this band.

I'm disappointed in the Unforgettable Fire Tour. Remember when U2 played in sweaty clubs on the War Tour and you could get up close with the band? Even when they went to bigger venues a couple of times it was really fucking cool, like Red Rocks. You felt like part of something special. Now they're playing in these soulless amphitheatres and arenas and they're even ending the tour at Croke Park. Sellouts. And what the hell is up with these drawn-out 10, 12, 15 minute versions of Bad and 40? I'm sure the easily-impressed masses lap that shit up and sing along dutifully but it fucking puts me to sleep. I'll never go to a U2 show again.

I'm disappointed in the Joshua Tree Tour. What happened to 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Out of Control, Two Hearts Beat As One, and the greatest U2 segue of all time, I Threw a Brick Through a Window/A Day Without Me? These setlists suck so much. It's not like The Unforgettable Fire Tour when they'd storm out of the blocks with 11 O'clock Tick Tock. Now they're starting some shows with covers and they've neutered Bad and 40 by doing these pissy shorter versions rather than the old 15-minute classics. U2 have turned into a shitty stadium pop group for your mum. I never thought this once-great band would turn into a jukebox of top-40 radio hits.

I'm disappointed in the Lovetown Tour. They can't even figure out a proper setlist to play; the choices are so schizophrenic and incoherent each night. You could tell on the Joshua Tree Tour that U2 were having real fun and knew what they were about. They had a big album to celebrate with tens of thousands of people every night. Now they just look confused. The last album came out like a year and a half ago, what's this tour even about? They've been going for too long; everything sounds worn out. They sound like a tired jukebox when they play old songs like Gloria or Out of Control, they're barely touching some of the new stuff, and they can't get to the end of the show without help from that BB King dude. U2 are done.

I'm disappointed in the ZooTV Tour. Bono's lost his mind and been corrupted by fame. I follow U2 for their earnest, sincere shows - for Bono's political passion and his religious conviction. Every U2 show was a communal expression of hope and love. Now Bono's just another sleazy rock star selling sex and excess. I can't believe he even mimes shooting up heroin during the transition into Streets, the most sacred live U2 song. And what the hell are all these awful visuals? I want to watch the band, not some television. They aren't even playing the old stuff people want to hear. Guys, stop trying to force Achtung Baby down our throats and put some more variety into your sets - like you did on Lovetown. Lovetown was great. You had no idea what U2 would do any given night, it was such a thrill. Now it's all scripted and cheesy. It's so insulting to their TRUE fans who go to multiple shows. U2 have lost it.

I'm disappointed in the Popmart Tour. It so badly wants to be ZooTV that it makes me wince. ZooTV was the greatest tour of ALL TIME, an innovative spectacle that skewered rock 'n' roll cliches and left me speechless. But this tour really is a rock 'n' roll cliche. Its best moments are a second-rate facsimile of ZooTV and the worst moments - oh my god. The lemon is the stupidest thing I've ever seen U2 do live and I feel embarrassed for them every night. Edge looks like a pornstar. Has Adam not kicked the drugs yet? Larry's obviously not on board. And what the hell is Bono thinking coming out as a boxer? Or wearing that "Bono man" shirt? Or that bubble suit? He's so full of himself. But there's obviously nothing left in the U2 tank. They're so bereft of new ideas that they're even doing I Will Follow second - it's not like ZooTV that was one new banger, then another, another, another, full confidence in Achtung Baby. And what the hell is this dance-y version of Streets? They've ruined the most sacred live U2 song. I don't think U2 believe in Pop or Popmart. They should probably just break up.

I'm disappointed in the Elevation Tour. I miss when U2 tried to make massive stadium events that skewered modern media and consumer culture. They were clever, creative, and sharp. Popmart left me speechless, it was so daring; it built on ZooTV's success and Pop's brilliance to create a tour nobody will ever forget. This Elevation shit, however, is so lame. The heart-shaped stage is the stupidest thing I've ever seen U2 do live and I feel embarrassed for them every night. They look so old now too - remember the cool stuff they wore on Popmart? Now they just look like your dad, except for Bono with his stupid shades. It's obvious that U2's audience is declining. ATYCLB is their last hurrah on the charts. They'll never do a stadium tour again. In five years they'll be washed-up in Vegas doing some boring residency at a casino.

I'm disappointed in the Vertigo Tour. U2 have run out of ideas. The African flags ruin the start of Streets, the most sacred live U2 song, and they're playing Vertigo TWICE!!! It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and an insult to everybody who wants to hear more from their great discography. And Bono needs to STOP TALKING! On Elevation he gave America comfort after a great national tragedy, but now he's just sucking up to loser politicians. Speaking of the fantastic Elevation Tour, the heart-shaped stage was a simple but meaningful design; the ellipse is just a cheap and meaningless knock-off. The stadium legs are worse. Remember when U2 would play in stadiums with cool things like trabants and lemons? Now it's just some screen and two b-stages. Two?! They barely use them enough to justify one. Think about your show some more, lads. You've run out of puff.

I'm disappointed in the 360 Tour. U2 really had the live experience nailed on the Elevation and Vertigo Tours. Those were wonderful, almost transcendent celebrations - both of new material that had restored them as the best band in the world, and of the old material we all grew up with. But this is all spectacle and no substance. They know the new songs aren't any good so they've made this ridiculous stage to compensate. The Crazy Tonight remix is the most awful thing they've ever done, just pandering to current trends; if they think it's fun, it's not. And they can't write a setlist to save themselves. In a Little While, in a huge stadium? Spare us. Your Blue Room? Nobody knows that. Bono's wearing an actual suit of lights but no GONE? Where is Pop?! Popmart was a great stadium tour, spectacle and substance; 360 is not. They've even started opening with old songs because they know nobody wants to hear the new stuff. It's sad, U2 used to have such confidence in their work. I doubt I'll see them live again. And somebody tell Bono to STOP TALKING!

I'm disappointed in the Innocence + Experience Tour. The 360 Tour was the most impressive tour EVER! Nobody can top that. Great songs, great stage, U2 really had the live experience nailed. Those were wonderful, almost transcendent celebrations, and they even had a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun with that inspired remix of Crazy Tonight. But now they're too lazy to even take the tour to their fans, they're just playing in a few cities. Can't they hack touring any more? They're too lazy to even do the alternating sets they promised, just a couple of gimmicky rotations instead. What happened to great segues into Streets like RTSS on ZooTV or Please on Popmart? Those were great reinterpretations; this overblown Paul Simon snippet intro is an insult to the most sacred live U2 song. And the whole show is Bono's life story. Zzzzz, nobody cares you egotistical Irish fucker, just play some tunes and pay your taxes. And STOP TALKING!

I'm disappointed in the Joshua Tree Tour 2017. U2 are now a nostalgia act, the jukebox they said they would never become. I never thought this would happen after how inspiring the IE Tour was. I'm so embarrassed for them and you can tell they were forced into doing this by Live Nation - Larry, clearly, is not on board. 1987 Bono would punch 2017 Bono in the face. And I can't believe they're only doing 21 songs a night. Why did they drop A Sort of Homecoming? Why won't they acknowledge the anniversary of POP? Don't they realise everybody is leaving early when they end with a snoozer of a new song? This band, seriously. Why the hell are they going to all these stupid secondary markets in the States? The IE Tour had the right idea, setting up in a few main cities and doing a couple of special treats each night on the E-stage. Now it's just one awful static setlist night after night. And static speeches too! Remember tours like Elevation and Vertigo when Bono's speeches had real meaning and he called on you to be the best person you can be? Now it's just platitudes. And then there's that stupid mashup video before Exit! Way to offend half your audience. Bono, people aren't here for a politics lesson, they just want to hear good songs. You need to STOP TALKING!

I'm disappointed in the Experience + Innocence Tour. U2 on JT30 reminded everybody why they were so great with exquisite performances of their BEST ALBUM EVER. But this tour hasn't even happened yet! Pathetic! U2 normally play such transcendental shows; they should be able to transcend time and space by now. But they can't. They will never be truly great. I'm sure they're too cowardly to even continue doing something provocative like the Walter Trump intro to Exit. They probably won't even play anything from Pop. Forget U2, I wonder what Muse are doing?

(In affectionate tribute to one of the threads I'm disappointed I didn't make during my time here shooting up 150,000 doses of blue crack. Thanks Interference.)
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This is awesome. Can you do one for albums? Edit: clicked the link, awesome.
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Except that everything you say about the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 is a valid criticism.

I was wondering how quickly somebody would do a reply like this. Second! Last time it wasn't until sixth.

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This is awesome. Can you do one for albums? Edit: clicked the link, awesome.

I originally thought of doing it for lead singles. Perhaps that'll be for my 200,000th post. :wink:
This is brilliance.

I have a friend who went to the San Diego show, not with me, but he is a good friend of mine, who begrudgingly said it was an OK show, but he didn't like:

Stadium shows suck
They should have played R&H song instead of Miss Sarajevo
The new song was boring (disagree, but agree the acoustic was lame)
They should have cut Mothers of the Disappeared...boring (Huh?!?)
He hates Beautiful Day and wishes they would have played Walk On instead (I know...I know)
The visual during One Tree Hill end with the natives is hokey looking
There should be video assist for the opening set
One is overplayed and boring.

Jesus. The show is damn near perfect. The opening set has to be like it is, the album has to be complete (and I love Mothers), Miss Sarajevo is a weird encore return but I look at it more like an interlude during the break and Beautiful Day is the opening of the encore, One is one of the greatest songs ever written by anyone, and this show had to be in a stadium and I think they did a brilliant job (again) of shrinking the stadium into an arena feel.

I mean, we are at the point where people want to micromanage set lists like they are a jukebox (remember those?). Yeah, I wish they played Seconds and Like a Song in a 6 song intro and played Acrobat in place of Beautiful Day and played Unforgettable Fire instead of Elevation and played all three new songs in a row. But damn...I got an opening 4 songs that are on fire hot, the fucking Joshua Tree album, and then some fun, bouncy shit to go home with. If you can't be pleased with this show, you can't be pleased...
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Amazing, thank you for the post and thank you for reminding me of the original post!
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