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I've been playing this recently in a "background music" sort of a way while working. Normally I can't listen to anything with lyrics as it's distracting, but I guess I know these songs so well that they are ok for this.

There's some really, really good alternate versions on there and some cool arrangements, but my overall reaction is still that it's "fine".

Let's face it, if we didn't get this, we'd have got nothing and I'm kind of OK with that.
My view is had they got rid of the SOI/SOE (minus Little Things) and replaced them with other songs from different albums…even if they don’t quite hit the mark, at least it wouldn’t feel like such filler.

SFS, EBW, CR, GOOYOW, JoeyRamone…..did we really need these tracks when we’ve gotten the first three unplugged many times ? The latter two at least had some differences.
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