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Not the best photo of Bono. He’s looking like Richard Louis in curb your enthusiasm when he needs a kidney.
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Anyone gonna start a new thread - maybe...

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bono really needs to loose the lennon/granny glasses

New Bono interview with the Irish Times Saturday 10/22

What’s next? The band wants to make an “uncompromising, balls-to-the-wall, transcendent rock’n’roll album, with unreasonable guitars, like properly aggressive as the times deserve”, he says. He wants the next album to recreate the band’s live experience in the studio. He wants to start recording by the end of the year, after a 14-city US and European book tour. The Edge, he says, is “as restless as me now”. He believes the band may still have their best album in them, but getting it out might “cost us a lot”.

“Are we going to go in there and give it all of our life, because that’s what art demands in the end? And I want the answer to that question to be yes, and I haven’t really figured out what that means for the rest of my life. But that will be the second book.”
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