Should smoking be illegal?

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The thing is (I think I mentioned this earlier in the thread but my memory isn't failproof) that prohibition rarely works or does anything. I think education so that less people start doing it in the first place is the best approach. If less people are smoking, then there's less of a market for it, and eventually it could die out. People have smoked for thousands of years though so that's something very important to consider.
Would have to admit, as a reformed smoker, I'd probably have a slight issue with dating a smoker at this point.

Even when I smoked, I never had a problem with the bans in restaurants and bars, etc.
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Anyway, I don't see what good this would do because it will be the same as buying alcohol while underage - fake IDs come in handy.

Yeah, smoking is terrible and can kill or do good damage to you, but this won't work.
Whatever the age is, 18 or 21, it should be the same for everything.

If you can get your balls blown off in Iraq or be sentenced by a court to the death penalty - both as an 18 year old - you ought to be able to buy as many beers and cigarettes as you fucking want. So, yeah. 18 it is.
21 should not be an age limit for anything. The alcohol age limit law is as silly as it gets.

"Silly" is a massive understatement. It was infuriating not being able to get a drink on my 20th birthday when I was in the States, despite having legally drank for two years prior.
smoking is an endangered activity

University California President Mark Yudof has called on all 10 UC campuses to go tobacco-free by banning the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes on university property, including at off-campus sites such as Jackie Robinson baseball stadium and UCLA-owned or wholly-leased housing or offices.

UCLA goes tobacco-free / UCLA Today
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