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May 11, 2001
so the Arcade Fire come on stage in less than an hour, lucky bastards. i wish we had a stream so we could hear them.

i dont know if we have a stream, or even a text source for u2. i probably won't even be around for the party anyway.

i just wanted to do a really crappy job of starting a setlist party thread to piss off Axver.

Consider this party reported :grumpy:

Oh wait, it's your we'll let you get away with it. :drool:
Chizip said:
its my party and i can cry if i want to :dance:

I know a girl, a girl called party, Party Girl
And her name is Chiz, Chizip. :wink:
kellyahern said:
:hmm: According to the Interference birthday list, Chizip and headacheinasuitcase share the same birthday.

That's freaky :yikes:.

not only the same day, but the same year, 11/25/80
Axver said:

Especially if Dirty Day was on the printed setlist but replaced by Vertigo x2! :drool:

and if they replaced mofo with in a little while :drool:
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