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Soooo Surrender w/ Cheap Trick and Driven To Tears w/ Sting?

They were fantastic last night (I was there too). Driven to Tears was pretty epic. Also good to see them upping the production a bit with the vid screens (I think this is the first arena tour they've had those? ) and fancier lighting rigs and light show.
I knew there would be a guest vocalist at some point in the second encore cause I saw them being the second mic stand up. I was hoping Bruce would finally return the favor, but alas... Sting was certainly unexpected and pretty awesome.

Terrific show, so much energy on the floor on Mike's side. Can't wait to go again
Similar for me in 2013 for both Worcester shows. Went in just after doors opened and got within 2-3 "rows" of rail each night. Got guitar picks each night.

No GA at Fenway, which is fine for me since I should be fairly close, but somehow I know I'll be on Stone's side again. Happens far too frequently.
No Code is one of those albums that even though I've got it already and don't even own a record player, is consider buying that for a couple minutes.
I have the original pressings of both. Got my copy of Yield signed by Vedder, McCready & Ament back in 98. (Gossard refused to sign it, the bastard and Irons wasn't touring with them didn't think it made sense to ask Cameron to sign it)
That's pretty cool Hews. But stuff like that seems to be strictly routine for you.

Meanwhile, full Binaural played last night in Toronto. Shows this band still has balls. I love that album and that would have been amazing to witness.
Meanwhile, full Binaural played last night in Toronto. Shows this band still has balls. I love that album and that would have been amazing to witness.

Yeah, I'd loved to be there too. I think it was with Binaural that came fully onboard again. Certainly all those live bootlegs they started releasing from then on made me collect Pearl Jam stuff again. I think I have about 16 of those official bootlegs.
So how do I get that? Do I have to subscribe? And how do I see the tracklist?

Yeah you subscribe to Third Man Records Vault, its 60 bucks, but be careful cause apparently it will auto renew every quarter if you don't cancel after receiving this.

The benefits 10club has provided are a coupon which gives you $15 off and makes your subscription a one time sub which won't auto-renew.

Maybe Headache can give you his coupon code if he's not using it. (I'm using mine)
They are going cuckoo with the merchandise for the Fenway shows.
Starting to sell stuff tomorrow, first show is Friday.
A number of event specific shirts, 6 posters, 3 event specific hats, baseball cards, a slew of stickers. a baseball jersey that looks sweet, but at $140.00 no thanks.

I haven't bought a shirt at a show in a long, long time, but will have to grab the shamrock shirt methinks...

Yeah. Good show. And they scratched 3 tunes cause they came on stage a touch late to try and let late arriving folks get in. (Red Mosquito, Lukin and Betterman)

Vedder needs to bone up on his baseball history though, mentioned the stage being in CF where former players like Reggie White, Fred Lynn and Coco Crisp played then asked, if Darrell Evans played CF, and said, "no it was left, he made that catch (I assume he's recalling the 75 WS at this point) over there", pointing to right field. (it was to his left so maybe he gets a pass there, but he F'ed up the 2 names bad, and this was at the beginning of the night, no wine imbibed yet)

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Pearl Jam
Boston, MA
Aug 07, 2016
Show Two

Walk On Music: Pendulumorphosis 7:33
Band Onstage:07:34
Band Offstage:10:47

01. Pendulum

(Ed remarks that things are going to get a lot faster later but he wants to enjoy easing into the scene because it is so nice. He also brings up the incident reports submitted by security at the end of the evening. “No, not Mike McCready, those went unreported.” Ed suggests the audience pace themselves so there are fewer alcohol related ejections.)

02. Off He Goes
03. Nothing As It Seems
(“Sometimes I will make up any excuse to make a toast but this one is deep.” EV goes on to enumerates all of the hard work the grounds crew had to put in on the off day to keep these hallowed grounds looking good. He toasts the great ground crew and all the work they do.)

04. Nothingman
05. Wishlist
06. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
07. Corduroy
08. Animal
09. Hail, Hail
(Ed checks on the audience to make sure they are good. He confesses that he is actually resting before the next song. He reminds people the date to register to vote and notes that there is a bill to legalize marijuana and to make sure to get out and vote. He also praises the governor for passing an non discrimination bill for LGBTQ.)
10. Lightning Bolt
11. In Hiding
(“Playing in the deepest heart of the warning track is the hardest working drummer you will ever see. Mr. Matt Cameron.”)
12. Even Flow (Mike straddles the barricade and solos a bit with the front row.)
(After Mike tears it up on Evenflow Ed introduces the next song. “Not only can he do all that but in a moment of repose he can right a beautiful song like this…”)
13. Sirens (extended sing a long outro) (Ed says he and Jeff were talking and the subject or mortality and additional responsibilities came up as well as the preciousness and fragility of life they were aware that we all had to take care of each other.)

(“speaking of moments that will live in our memories..” Ed introduces Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith. Tom comes out and praises Pearl Jam and says he is impressed with two sold out nights at Fenway. Tom warns everyone that he has been playing with Thin Lizzy this summer so he is concerned that those old songs might have been pushed out of his head so he is gonna just follow along.)
14. Draw The Line-(Perry, Tyler) W/ Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith. Tom plays Jeff’s checkerboard 12 string bass.

(Ed is thinking of playing a uke song. Asking for his uke and once again Kevin Youkilis comes out. He tells Ed that the only way to play Fenway is if you wear a Red Sox Jersey. Ed reaches for his belt and begins to unbuckle it asking “just a Red Sox Jersey?” Ed ends up keeping his pants on but he does wear the jersey while “Youk” introduces the next song.)

15. Lukin
16. Not For You/Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) (tag)
17. Immortality
18. Deep
19. Jeremy
(Vedder tells the audience that even though the audience indicated earlier that they were here two shows ago Ed says tonight’s crowd is singing even better. Ed goes onto talk about the band is donating money from these shows to local charities through their Vitalogy foundation and notes that Theo Epstein and his brother are also contributing.)

20. Unthought Known
21. Rearviewmirror (shorter version)

Encore Break One
(Ed asks the audience how the are. “7th inning stretch? He is holding a cap and mitt and says, “I’ve got my hat and my glove and my ball. I ain’t leaving until I play some ball.” He again praises the venue and the audience. He tells a quick story about the band driving by the first hotel they stayed at. It was a Howard Johnson’s that was across the street. The band jokes that it took them 25 years to just get across the street but it was actually a pretty big jump. He thanks the local crew including Sam Kennedy. “hopefully we get to do it again someday.” Ed brings up the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. He called all of his friends in Boston including Theo and he said “it is true. One city, Boston Strong”. They were in the studio when it happened and this was the song they were writing that day and some events influenced the lyrics.)

22. Yellow Moon
23. Angel
24. Footsteps
(“I don’t want to waste anytime but I can talk baseball for just a minute? There are a lot ties between rock music and baseball.” Ed talks how baseball was one of the ways he got to know Johnny Ramone. He also relates an anecdote about a spectacular home run Big Papi hit and some poor outfielder missed. He seems pleased that A-Rod is retiring.
25. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramone, Ray)
26. Mind Your Manners
27. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
(Ed stops playing the intro to ask the audience to please tell Dustin Pedroia hello and that he thinks he is a badass. Ed then continues the song.)

Encore Break Two

(Ed wishes his friend and guitar tech Simon Happy Birthday) Someone wearing a Trump mask helps to celebrate)
28. Smile
29. Go
30. Love, Reign O’re Me - (Townshend)
31. Do The Evolution
32. Breath
33. Alive
J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr comes out for “Rockin’”
34. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) w/ J Mascis. Mike McCready on bass, Ray Cameron on guitar. Jeff Ament ran around and played drum sticks percussion.
Ed brings out Dick Dauphinee (sp) who has worked so many PJ shows. For Pearl Jam it doesn’t feel like a show in Boston until they see Dick.
35. Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner
Wow what night.
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