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ONE love, blood, life
May 1, 2001
six convenient metro locations
Here here.

Take a seat here on my left knee (it is stronger than the right one) and tell me about your deepest, darkest secrets.

Just whisper in to my ear (again, my left ear is better...).


Who is first?
I confess, I am a lotion junkie. :crazy:

I buy bottle after bottle after bottle. I have to try all the scents, textures in all the different price ranges. Then I use a third to half and I am done with it. :banghead:

I just got back from Walgreens, went for mascara came back with mascara and lotion.:|
bonosgirl84 said:
egg salad = hard boiled eggs chopped and mixed with mayo, salt, pepper

serve on thick, wheaty bread and enjoy

that sounds too nice. i had kfc for lunch. shove that confession up your cake-hole as well, JEFFREY.
:angry: :love:
are you angry, miss bonosgirl?
i am only pseudo angry in here.
I confess that I wish I could be at Dragon Buffet and eat an unlimeted amount of awesome Chinese food the rest of the night, and everyday after, because I need to eat more for all my working out.

zonelistener said:
I am going to lotion up Angelaharlems cake hole and shove Dragon buffet biscuits down there until she gets auto-asfixiation...or something?


is this about michael? im fighting with a new breed of stupid now in that stupid arsed fucking thread.

and i do NOT mean bg69
you make it sound like i was spying on him :angry:
it was a show where his viewers argued back with him on where they thought he was wrong.
i just want him to talk a little quicker. :angry:

I would STILL be pissed if you were my friend. :angry:

:down: Watching Dr. Phil when you should be home-schooling or something
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