Desert Island XI - QUARANTINE ISLAND - Rules and Signup Thread

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Aug 31, 2004

Many of us have looked forward to the inevitable comeback of Desert Island and rumblings of a return have shook up at least one of the three or four RMT threads we've made in the five years since our tenth installment.

It's unfortunate that our eleventh full competition comes under such trying circumstances, but as we've all been asked to keep our asses on the internet, there isn't much else to do but enjoy each other's company.

DIXI, not to be confused with the brand of now-impossible-to-find paper goods, has a rule set that will be familiar to our regulars. It's a bit more lax here at Quarantine Island than in previous installments, because stress is hard on the immune system, but the handful of rules worth adhering to are listed before.

1. Your playlist may not fall short of 60 or exceed 160 minutes, but however you choose to present the list within those constraints is fine (playlist, vinyl sides, etc). We've collectively chosen to adjust the rules on this matter to facilitate the listening process, as well as add a new dimension to playlist making. Please be aware that while I personally show no preference towards a short or lengthy list, others very well might. The kind of material you use may or may not benefit from a certain length, and taking that into account is an especially important part of making a strong Desert Island playlist.

2. You may use only ONE song from a particular artist. If a track is broken up into several movements, please contact me and an exception will be considered.

3. Every track selected MUST BE OFFICIALLY RELEASED BY THE ARTIST IN QUESTION. No demos or bootleg tracks are allowed in this competition, unless said demos have been collected in an officially sanctioned compilation release of some kind. One exception is that tracks released on official websites, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. are allowed.

4. Tracks may not be edited or shortened in any way, unless there is a hidden track at the end. This does not apply to officially released radio/single edits. Since most of you will be using streaming services, I doubt this will be a problem.

5. Because we're all fucked anyway, you are welcome to select tracks you've chosen for previous DI lists.

If you are including downloadable audio files, do not post your entries in this thread, as it is against forum rules to post officially released material on the forum itself. All entries for this competition should be sent to my PM box or to

Here is what is required for your entry:

A. Your track listing (see below for formatting details).

B. Links the music contained in your playlist. You may either zip your music and upload it to a site like mediafire or OR if you can create your playlist on a streaming service such as Spotify or a YouTube playlist, send me the public link to it. Be aware that non-premium versions of Spotify and YouTube have advertisements that will affect the transitions on your list. I would personally prefer if you send me both, but one or the other is all that is required as long as either contains every track in the playlist.

Additionally, you may also send me a title for your playlist, as well as artwork and an explanatory paragraph of merciful length. These items are not required, but may be preferred for some participants.

Please submit submissions using the following format EXACTLY:

Forum name: [Your Interference name here]


PLAYLIST TITLE (if you give it one)

Track #. Band Name - "Song Title" - Album Name (Time in Minutes:Seconds)
1. Please - "Follow This Format" - Thank You (20:15)
2. It Helps A Lot - "If You Follow This" - To The Letter (10:45)
3. Life Is Easier - "When People Do" - What Is Asked In The Rules (15:00)
4. Rules - "Are Not Hard" - To Follow (15:30)
5. Grammar, Punctuation, And Order - "Should Be Just Like They Are" - In This Example (7:15)
6. Thank You Very Much - "In Advance" - For Adhering To This Style! (43:20)

Total runtime: 112:05

All submissions must be sent to me by April 20th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Assuming we're all still alive by then, the master list containing all entries will be posted shortly thereafter in a separate thread. You do not have to send me all of your material at once; you may send me a track listing here or artwork there, but make sure that your links are sent to me by the deadline.

The intention is to have at least 10 playlists in this competition. Those entries will be split in half, with each group having a discussion thread of their own. Each listening thread will have two weeks dedicated to it before we move on to the next one. In those threads, feel free to do running diaries of the lists and discuss them at your leisure.

After all of the playlists have been sent out for listening (2 weeks per thread x2 groups = approximately a month), a mass PM will be sent out asking all participants to rank the lists, based on the criteria of their choosing. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN LIST. Presumably, that means there will be 9 or so participants per list. The playlists will be scored in accordance with their placement on the list, so the first place playlist will receive 9 points, the second will receive 8 and so on. DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR RANKING WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE MASS PM: ANYONE WHO DOES NOT SEND IN A RANKING WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION.

For numerous reasons, this tournament will have a rather elastic list of contestants. The slots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. As mentioned above, the contestants will be split in half during the listening period and playlists will be staggered accordingly.

The list of those who have explicitly communicated interest in participating is as follows:

1. LemonMelon
2. bono_212
3. gump
4. lazarus
5. cobl04
6. iron yuppie
7. Joey788
8. GirlsAloudFan
9. LJT

Maybe Jerry Dunk? Tourist?

If anyone else wants to join, let it be known.
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There ain't no party like a quarantine party.
I’m probably in. If I am in, I’ll get the list out in a week or so. I’m only making a Spotify playlist this time though (sorry laz).
Also: I'm excited to hear your playlists, and excited to spend more time with y'all.
:up: Same. It's good to have something to look forward to and this certainly qualifies.

My list turned out to be largely female-fronted. It wasn't a conscious choice, it's just the nature of the genres I chose. There are some great male vocalists in there but they couldn't be the focus. It's a melancholy but romantic and passionate list, appropriate for the oncoming corona baby boom.
Shit, I haven't made a playlist since the last DI, besides my usual "Best of Year" lists. I'm having a blast.
I'd only be able to make a Spotify list as I don't have MP3s for a lot of recent stuff, and that might not be ideal. But gee it's been a long time. Could be fun.
I'm going the Spotify playlist route myself and I think many of us are doing the same.
Yeah I signed up for premium Spotify specifically for this. Made the mechanics of the playlist a hell of a lot easier.
Nice! I can definitely have my list created by the 20th.

I'm also flirting with the idea of putting WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME on my playlist.
How much of a collective groan do you think there will be if some of the song names used are a bit on the nose in relation to the current situation...asking for a friend:shifty:
My list is going to be unashamedly poppy. Sorry, but also not sorry at all.
Yes I am hoping we can all upload to Spotify.

Really excited that Axver is taking part, definitely need some really boring, maudlin icy Danish metal post rock bullshit from artists with wanky names in my life.
Are all of our old lists archived somewhere? I don't remember the songs I used in the past. Pretty curious to reference those, for a number of reasons.
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