Istanbul Setlist party II

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That's just ridiculous. What's that mystery song they played as encore opener? This set seems to be quite a mess. They had an old Turk come up and play one of his own songs? :doh:


Were there any belly dancers during Mysterious Ways?
Well let's see, a dozen of Bonolings that keep increasing with all the leather and horns and wet pics, there's the Clawling from the Streets Clawporn...

And there's the Adaming from THIS



for realz?:ohmy:
Full-band version of EBW, maybe? From what we've heard, the full version is more energetic...

21) Bad - Every Braking Wave (Snippet) - Mercy (snippet) - Lady With The Spinning Head (snippet) - Acrobat (snippet) - Vertigo2 (snippet) - MLK (snippet)
I know. wtf?

They probably dropped a freakin song and no one knows what to do....the universe is out of order.

Everybody's all :panic:
Yeah, possibly, but Twitter took a long time to update, AND it seems like sort of a dick move to short Turkey on the encore when Russia got an extra song...

Merch is completely sold out . One tshirt left. B thanks crowd '50000 on our first time in Istanbul!'

By the way, while folks are still in this thread, I'll ask:

are there any good pics (feel free to post or just point me towards the correct thread) of 2010 tour merchandise?
Well, it's not like he couldn't just sing the song standing still, or without the swinging. So I don't buy that.

Edit: Ha! Jinx.
21) Mercy - Every Breaking Wave - Mercy (reprise) - The Musical Box (Genesis cover, complete with Bono in old man mask) (Snippet) - The great Gig In The Sky (Pink Floyd cover, Edge singing) (snippet) - Bad Romance/Poker Face/Alejandro (but with chorus changed to "Larry Mullen", Lady Gaga cover medley) (Snippet) - Vertigo 2
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