Hey have you lot heard James Taylor's music?

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Oct 21, 2000
A totally different artist to U2 but I have fallen totally in love with his stuff!

His lyrics are just soooo powerful and talk about the most melodious harmonies....if you lot are musicians and wanna hear some classy stuff buy his music.

I am totally in love

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I'm a big big fan of his stuff. It's quite beautiful acoustic folk, probably the best of its genre
I think my favorite song may be Carolina or Fire and Rain

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YAY I am soooo glad somebody else loves U2 and James Taylor

You can't get much different music I tell ya lol But if you saw my music collection you'd soon see how diverse my musical tastes are lol

Blood Group...U2 POSITIVE
Same here! I have everything from James Taylor to Bob Marley to VAST(industrial rock at its finest!)

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your no good.
your no good, your no good, your no good
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Hi welshigirl.. there is a forum called Lemonade Stand for discussion about bands and artist other than U2.

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James Taylor is defintely one of my favorite artists of all-time. He is an incredible songwriter and puts on a great live show. I've seen him numerous times. Growing up my parents used to take me to see him all the time. I think I have every album he has released.

He's lived a very interesting life, battling a serious drug addiction, his marriage to Carly Simon, his friendship with John Belushi and so on.

There's a guy at my workplace named James Taylor. Once I had to set up a meeting with him and someone else and it was fun to go around saying "I just called James Taylor".
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