¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Queen Bee! No-Show Setlist Watch and Party

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1. Zoo Station 28 August 1993, Dublin
2. The Fly / Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car (snippet) 20 September 2005, Chicago
3. Lady With The Spinning Head Studio (Extended Dance Mix)
4. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car 27 November 1993, Sydney
---BonoPhisto Speech---
5. Even Better Than The Real Thing 23 September 1997, Sarajevo
6. Last Night On Earth 28 August 1997, Leeds
7. Miami / My Mammy (snippet) / Cuba (snippet) 14 May 1997, Memphis
8. Xanax And Wine Studio
9. Gone 23 September 1997, Sarajevo
10. Until The End Of The World 28 August 1993, Dublin
11. Exit / Riders On The Storm (snippet) / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet) 18 November 1987, Los Angeles
12. Love And Peace Or Else 19 December 2005, Portland
13. Mofo 6 November 1997, MTV Europe Awards
14. The Electric Co. / Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (snippet) / Three Little Birds (snippet) Break On Through (snippet) / See Me, Feel Me (snippet) 20 September 2005, Chicago
15. God Part II 30 December 1989, Dublin

--- Encore break ---

16. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me / Children Of The Revolution (snippet) 31 July 1997, Mannheim
17. Dirty Day 27 November 1993, Sydney
18. Please 3 December 1997, Mexico City
19. City Of Blinding Lights 10 May 2005, Chicago
Please/COBL segue by U2mixer

--- Encore break ---

20. Discotheque / Life During Wartime (snippet) 3 December 1997, Mexico City
21. Lemon 27 November 1993, Sydney
22. Bad / Ruby Tuesday (snippet) / Sympathy For The Devil (snippet) 8 November 1987, Denver
23. One Tree Hill
Queen Bee said:
I hope this performance doesn't buffer :heart:

It already has for me. :sad:

No chance of a buffer if I see them play it live in Auckland. :drool:

missed part of Bad & OTH because of the stream :madspit: And it skips (This is Lila, btw)

Now back to Maddy :wink: )
Axver said:

I think you've got me a bit wrong here. I don't claim some kind of superior status for myself - there are other people here who make very good setlists and I've no problem with that at all. Take LemonMacPhisto: he comes up with some really cool ideas that I wouldn't have thought of myself.

I'm just sick of theu2fly, that's all.

well. if you don't like him, that's ok... just don't bring those thing into the mix, the "he can't make a setlist for *whatever you said*"... it makes YOU look like an ass too... like "i'm Mr Setlist"

if you don't want to appear like that, ok...

but this is not the first time I've thought that about you... so maybe you should think about that... ok?

Lila64 said:

I can't wait to visit there in March. :drool:

(I went there in 1993 when it still had a tree, but I was only six at the time. I faintly remember it, though!)
circa1992 said:

I know....everyone tells me that :wink: I looked scared senseless until that point :|

I think it's kickass :rockon:

hell, if I was riding Bono I'd be scared too, and questioning my sexuality :happy:
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