WARNING: Extremely sexy John Edwards picture (All Edwards Drooling Here Please)

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John Kerry and U2democrat!


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Mmmmm-hmmmm, I just got home. I didn't too close this time, though.

Below please find a pic of me at the rally and the only remotely good pic of Johnny Boy I got.



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Hey, thanks U2dem, as another Edwards fan, I love these pix, and I'm really glad John and Elizabeth were invited and came. I don't think he needs another political race to be a Washington fixture now, and that's very cool.
Boy Combover

sharky said:
Oh. my. gawd. you people are crazy. :eek:
That being said, I can't find him too attractive because 1) he's old enough to be my dad, and 2) what's with that mole on his lip? it annoys me. That being said, he's much better looking than Dick Cheney.
Not only the annoying eyesore mole -- most describe it as a wart -- but the sereptitious combover. Maybe U gah-gah girlz would get a discount if both the guy and the gal color their hair? That was a yoke. The pix shown also expose the big and deep "crow's feet" and a double chin!! This was revealing, I must say. Anyway, if U-3 (not Sharky) thinks Ed-Woods is so hot, U must go crayzee when U see the blue-eyed, good-looking, physically superior Geo BUSH in jogging shorts. He's much better built in all ways from all sides front and back! :combust: Mostover, BUSH is a winner! :)
It's a matter of preference and opinion. I don't find Bush particularly physically attractive, but then I'm not much of a fan of his either. What I really like about Edwards is his personality. He's terrific in the empathy department and that can get you a long way in politics--if he wants it.
Stonewall said:

... see the blue-eyed, good-looking, physically superior Geo BUSH in jogging shorts. He's much better built in all ways from all sides front and back! :combust: Mostover, BUSH is a winner! :)

I don't find G very attractive at all. His eyes are too close together with those eyebrows bleeh But even if he was more classically good looking......

.....a person can have 'good looks' in the physical, but those good looks can vanish when as a certain lyric very reccently said "your face has caught up with your physcology.." :lol:

His arrogant sniggers & smirks happen way more often that not. He's a 'plug-ugly' Bully. And it's because he thinks he's soooo much better than a lot of folk because 1) he's rich and in a certain few branches of christianity- rich = virtuous & visa versa, 2) he's a certain type of Christian- who thinks they're better than any other type of Christian

By the way he's also a damn liar and a theif 2x's over.

Yeah, that's right. How much crumbs from team w's Table are the hungrey and, the disabled, thepoor, the homeless, the elderly poor & frail. yeah, how much crumbs are these people gonna get from them, huuuhhhh???

oh wait, I forgot :der: "as you do for the least of these, you do for me..." Jesus Christ/Sermon on the Mount doesn't apply to team w does it, huh?!. They' re your real Contemporary ####Attention Warning: very flamable phrase approaching, but mods I have come to believe this from the bottom of my heart by seeing the actions being done in 'Christ's name' under these people, and people like them### Christ-killers.

So help me *The Powers*, mods & intfrncers I have NEVER, even used that word ever, and I don't think the thought has ever entered my mind till very reccently! Other than hearing when i was little from some people- luckily not my parents- the stupid, down through the centuries idea that some christians still carry on about...the Jews as Christkillers... no, I'm NOT Jewish- some jews of that time hated Jesus and killed him and sooo did the influential Romans of that era.

Why don't you read up about Diebold & the ESS Companies whoes 'wonderful' people and there backers who made the hard & software for those sets of 2 voter machines and softwarwe that has 'backdoor' patches or codes to twist tallies around throud a plan windows software phone connection.

Or maybe you really don't care about democracy after all, huh.

Yeah, I dare you, Stonewall, to read up on this two topics of certain types of Christians and for you other who might think more like me....read up because{ as i did reccently on the Net when it was suggested to to me in a intense manne} you better arm youself with knowledge because if thiese damaging people reqlly get even more hold of this country......

some of you may know about these groups already, I know a fair amount about white supremists groups and some of the 'christain right', but I'm telling you....these folks are as bad or worst than your aryan nation types.... Maybe bercause i'm a northerner and these groups have more standing at present in the South [ there are plenty of White Suprmesists in the nOrth].

Google up on: Christian Reconstructionist movement and Christian Dominiom movement. Both of these groups funded anare connected to the e-voting And optical screen companies mentioned up there. :madspit:

:no: Do not attempthis after a good meal, unless your one of them. Sour stomach is alost sure to follow.

:uhoh: ya think those kindsa of christian hate bad spellers and laxish grammerers? :reject: I just never have just quite the time to catch all my mistakes since i type semi-slow and have limited net time.

I'm going off to have SOME FUN now on this board! This?...this is NOT fun.,. As Delann once said "want to, no....have to, yes....."
I knew I shouldn't of come here first. :rolleyes:
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OMG OMG i was looking through one of my friends c-level government book today and it had a REALLY HOT skinny picture of our johnny boy!!!!! i started freakin out in the middle of class :lol:
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