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Hiya Eden! Thanks so much for a colour scan of the november 1994 Rhythm magazine, coz up until now, I've only had a black and white photocopy of this article that got from a U2 pen pal ages ago!! Only trouble is, you forgot to post the last page of the interview!? I'd love to see that too, if you have it, but for those of who'd like to read the rest of the interview, here's my b/w copy......


Oh my goodness, it's true, I forgot the last page
Thanks for warning hcbiggs2002 :wave:
He's always drunk, he's Irish!

I would not EVER allow that man in a skiing area though. Way too dangerous for himself and anyone near him. :wink:
I'm in Europe and the Q Jan 2012 issue is out of shelves already :( They're waiting for the February issue to arrive. I went to three stores yesterday and asked, it's not available any more.


Oh well, it's a little expensive anyway, especially if there's not much U2 in it.

Bonocomet, thanks a lot for the scans!

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