U.S. Billboard and Radio Play Week 15

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Teta040 said:
Just a question: I read somewhere that the 400,000+ of the "deluxe Edition" (with the book and "Fast Cars") sold are NOT being counted in the total of units sold, and thus, if you take that into account, the actual total is about 3 mil.

Those sales were included.
Now I'm really bored...

Soldatti said:
Soundscan Top 200
Issue Date: March 19, 2005

Position/Artist/Album/This Week/%Change/Last Week

48 U2 HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOM 23,367 -12 26,532 2,515,470

Thanks, no? :hyper:

OK, Soldatti, I've resorted to a direct reply just in case you get an automatic e-mail as a result. Do you have this week's numbers yet? Thanks in advance!
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