Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance

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And Larry looked COLD despite his roboexpression. I think think I could see his lips going "Fuck fucking shit cold" as he played.

Larry...hilarious. I don't care how many time they've done it before...they all looked a bit nervous up there. Awesome performance! Can't wait til the Oscars. Yeah, the Rutgers marching band was a little confusing. Anyone know why they were there?

Feels good to be back...first post in about 3 or 4 years for me:wave: Time to get back into U2 mode.
Did they actually play live on the roof Adam and larry didn't look convincing too me


2) How freaking cute was B hiding behind E at the end there when they jumped off the couch? E's a woobie!

4) If these ratbastards spring a surprise drop/tour on us yet this year and I am laid up after the brain surgery, I will never ever ever ever forgive them (but will continue to lust obsessively).

:hyper::hyper::hyper: x infinity (caffeine may be responsible for appx. 40% of this)

ah someones :happy: :)

i just caught by accident- since i have too little acess to the net these days ( until last night able to recconnect my laptop :SWOON: )--
about your condition :yikes: and upcoming surgery
BIG :hug: So sorry to hear this

you have to do what's best for you now .....think of it possibly this way.
You'll have more energy: since unless you pretty seriously meditate, or like have special forces type training- serious pain is so draining.... you'll possibly go further to catch them at some part of tour later on. Hopefully too you'll have fam or friends that coulde lend you $ if you needed that to travel else where

hmm i missed that Bono hiding behind Edge <blinked :D>

infinity - 40% = infinity :wink:

ah yes that goregeous jacket Edge was wearing
and B with the lighter blue shades

when get to the more up dated computers i can enjoy the vids better....
mine either won't play them orb very jjerky/skipping parts
All my screenshots and gifs will have to wait another day 'cause I couldn't pick my good one up from the shop today. Just watched the whole thing again.... sooooo much love for that whole thing. Put the four of you on the couch to see if you've really got the goods? Why yes, you do. Boom.
I really need to watch the clips on YT over and over. Because I saw nothing but Adam. And I soooooo wanna see all the "little" moments. Like Larry muttering curses as he played, the band's reaction to Bono BENDING OVER THE COUCH, etc. :lol:

Seeing Bono bend over the couch almost made me choke on my dinner :drool:
Someone on tumblr made gifs of Bono bending over the couch. I can't post them here from my phone and I'll have to wait until I get to my laptop.

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Hubba hubba !!! :drool: thankyou so much for that gif already...
I think I'm going to do one of him staring in awe as they played. That was really sweet.

Bonos glasses are turning from the grey ones into the pin ones on that gif right there. If im not mistaken.
Lol , they obviously did some editing and took the best of both nights.
No, I'm pretty sure it's just the light. Bono wouldn't be wearing two different shades when they are filming for a TV appearance on two days. And I don't see why they should merge two takes for one little Bono moves. Don't think they did.
I think someone who was at both the Sunday and Monday rooftop filmings said they used Monday's performance. And that Bono had been wearing different clothes, so they didn't mix performances from the days. Which probably wasn't the plan anyway, otherwise he would have worn the same things.
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