Things I Love: Part Love-Things-Like-Mad

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Anyone see the documentary "Dear Zachary"? It's on netflix instant stream... my god, I hardly ever cry, but I definitely got a little teary-eyed. Sooo goooddd
I love that I went shopping for the first time for myself in ages, and I spent a sinful amount of money. I consider it my reward for my weight loss.:heart:

Oh, I also love someone messaging me telling me they "got my back" when I am gone. :love:
Feeling myself again for the first time in a long time. It was a process, but I feel great! :hyper:
^You were a huge help, so thanks!

I :heart: going out to a bar tonight for the hockey game. I wonder who will be changing their avi! :sexywink:
:hi5: Pro!

Sooo, plans for tomorrow: One Guinness Chocolate cake, and for dinner steak with Guinness sauce, served with a pint of a Poor man's Black Velvet.

I love Saint Patrick's Day! :love: One day I'll celebrate it in Ireland.
Had dinner tonight at a local Irish pub with my son, my sister, our brother, his wife, and one of their sons in celebration of what would have been our mother's 90th birthday. (We lost her 10-1/2 years ago, and I still miss her SO much!) Making Irish soda bread and shepherd's pie for St. Patrick's Day supper tomorrow. :drool:

I love that the snow is gone and it is so incredibly warm! Sunshine is good for the soul!:heart:
It is so nice out today, and it has been for the last 5 days. It is supposed to be like this all week too! Smashing weather records ftw!!!:heart::heart::heart:
Here THREE. It's never like this in the early spring of March. Until this year. :love:

Edit- I also love this.

With luck, I did not fail in painstakingly typing out that YouTube link (long story why). I saw 2Cellos last night with Elton John and they played With or Without You, which I liked better than the actual show. :rolleyes: But it's so pretty...

I can't get over how spectacular the weather has been! I don't think I have ever had my windows open or worn shorts and flip flops at home in March! I could get really used to this!
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