The Top 50 most common used CDs

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I love Pitchfork, I dont always agree, but they usually at least make me laugh.

I have 7 on this list, Monster being the highest of course. I asked for it for Christmas one year, ole mom got me Big Head Todd and the Monsters instead. thats ok, I still have them both....

I own five of the mentioned albums:

Arrested Development - Three Years...
Belly - Star
Radiohead - Pablo Honey
Breeders - Last Splash
R.E.M. - Monster

Arrested D. really only had a few decent songs on there; some were really crappy. Revolution was my favorite song of theirs, and I don't think it's even on the Three Years album.

I still bust out Belly and listen to it. I was interested that the review recommended one of their other albums instead. Perhaps I'll check it out, as I really like Star for the most part.

Pablo Honey is worth it for Creep and Blow Out alone. Not their best work by a million miles, but I still enjoy listening to it.

The reviewer seemed to really actually like Last Splash, and so did I. I don't listen to it so much, though, because I have it on tape instead of CD. Good album, though.

I was appalled by Monster when I first bought it and pretty much gave up on purchasing R.E.M. albums after UP, but Strange Currencies makes this album worth it for me, thus my copy will not be showing up in any used CD bins any time soon.
Popmartijn said:


I've read some reviews and I think they suck too. Often they seem to be written by persons who love to read their own writings. [/url]


lol Marty. I didn't read any of the reviews other than the "50 Most Common Used," and I'll agree with you, the reviewer probably does love to read his own writing. :lol: But I found excerpts such as the following funny:

21: Ministry: Psalm 69
"Ministry fans don't die; in their world, they don't even get old. Prune-faced, grey-haired and drawn, they're still blowing rails of coke and wearing 18-inch Docs to clubs nationwide. In his big money heyday (1988-95), Ministry founder Al Jourgensen hit the stage with so much snow in his dreds it looked like he was wearing a powdered wig. Maybe it was heroin (who really knows?) but this much is clear: since Iggy Pop and Bowie's Berlin debauchery, no one in the underground music scene has done more drugs than this very angry Cubs fan."
This list is unresearched because of it's focus on mid-90's alterna rock. Nothing from the 60's, 70's, 80's or 00's? Crapola.

Where is Hootie and the BlowFish?
Where is Zooropa?
Where is Steve Miller Bands GH?
Where is Eric Clapton Timepieces?
Where is Frampton comes Alive?

It's so wrong it can't be right.

Ride were awesome. "Going Blank Again" is what alot of todays bands WISH they sounded like. Now that was britpop.
I think looking through the used CD bins is often a waste of time if the discs aren't categorized by artist. Unless you have a lot of time to kill on a Saturday, or something. The $1.00 bins are especially unproductive. I won't waste my time with them anymore.
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I am surprised at you guys. I would think a group of U2 fans would own a lot of this stuff. Like I said earlier, I have 19 of them with almost all the top 10. Which is pretty amusing, but I like almost all the stuff on this list. Or I like all the bands, some of the albums are less than stellar.

MrBrau1 - They didn't include those, because they said they were leaving off a lot of the obvious (Matchbox, Hootie) and a lot of the big name platinum artists (U2, Clapton, etc...)

I think they vear towards 90's alternative because it's probably the stuff they know well and have reviewed and for the most part enjoy listening to.
Pitchfork likes goats!

I loved Going Blank Again.

You know Mark (Ride's lead singer) has been touring, right? He plays RIDE stuff! :drool:
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MrBrau1 said:
So the intention wasn't to be accurate, but rather it was geared to "get my goat?". Pitchfork blows!

You are correct. I think the opening paragraph says that 'Yourself or Someone Like You' is the number 1 album you will find but they weren't going to waste their time on the obvious.
So I can hardly blame U2 for becoming a satire of U2, then a lite-techno version of U2, only to emerge in 2000 as a U2 tribute band

as annoyed as i am when people bash u2, this line amused me greatly...

bono has a christian alter-ego? silly me...i thought he was always a christian.

The problem with U2's "One" is that the pimpy music never sounds as despondent as the lyrics, like how critics charged Billy Bob Thornton's character in The Man Who Wasn't There with looking too suave to be believably pathetic. To U2's version I picture white people in their apartments clutching wine glasses, unbuttoning the top button of Gap shirts and giving each other come-hither looks. Cash's cover invokes an image of an epic judgment day for a planet festering with failed lovers.

and how could someone tear up one of the best rock songs of all time like this?...and silly me for thinking it wasn't a love song so much...

:shrug: oh well, there will always be these people...

oh, and the topic at hand (sorry 'bout the tangent)...i don't own any of these, although i want several...
Pitchfork have always been a bunch of wankers

I've said this a lot of times, but

Read their review of Hail to the Thief.

To fans, (Sail to the Moon) is another wondrous lullaby, to critics, it's topically laughable.


I have Erotica by the Darling Buds. Wow.

By the way, the #1 CD in the used bin is one of the following:

Titanic Soundtrack
Hanson's debut
and of course
HeartlandGirl said:

I still bust out Belly and listen to it. I was interested that the review recommended one of their other albums instead. Perhaps I'll check it out, as I really like Star for the most part.

I like Star MUCH better than King, but maybe that's just me. :shrug:
I only own Monster from that list. I bought it used from Amazon. And I like it. I also refuse to put the "reject" smilie behind that statement because I think the reviewers at Pitchfork are more interested in bragging about how cool and non-mainsteam they are than in writing reviews that are informative and insightful. :madspit:
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I think I only own one from the list. #12 Priest = Aura by The Church and I love it. P=A, even amongst hard core fans of The Church is a bit of a love it or hate it proposition. I find it an incredible cd -- love the music, love the vocals, love, love, love the lyrics. But not everyone sees things the way I do -- too bad for them.
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