The Queen Still the Face of $5

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Someone post that gif where you can watch her age through updated currency pictures.

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You're in for a disappointment as they've changed the coins maybe all of four times, maybe five. I once dug up a 1953 penny from a garden, trippy.
Aren't we just lucky to not have her on all our stamps any more.
I've got a ton of UK stamps in an album somewhere, all of them with the Queen on them. Probably worth a bit now.

You know stamps are legal tender. You give that to a bus driver, he has to accept it.
Oh no, for real, I had a pretty good stamp collection going when I was like 12. A ton of it came from these bags full of random world stamps that the supermarket sold, though.

A shit-ton of UK stamps, Eire, Poland, Chezchoslovakia (as it was then), Romania, et cetera. All worth nothing at all.
I have basically the same thing lurking in a drawer somewhere. By "somewhere" I mean "I know exactly where, and have not glanced at it since I last moved".

Nor, for that matter, have I thought to use it to pay the bus driver.
So my call of bullshit was, in fact, correct?

(You may safely assume that if there is a TV show or movie, I have probably not seen it.)
The bit about stamps being legal tender (they are, but not like that). Oh The Office (British version), nearly anyone should have a look at that. It's only 12 episodes long.
The exception to my bracketed comment above is usually British comedies, but in the case of The Office, not yet. I know, I know. One day.
Ah, The Thick of It. I thought I couldn't love Yes Minister more, and then I discovered I could get it in a Scottish accent with excessive profanity.
One day I'll get around to actually getting this tea towel:

I didn't realise there were so many variations out there; on our coins it's been maybe four different heads-in-profile over the course of sixty years.
I knew there was a gif:

Isn't there a statue within the Bank of England that states that when the Queen dies, all sterling pound bills of all denominations will change to reflect the new King/Queen?

It is something worthy to consider of to get rid of the couple of sterling pound bills that I have... hedging against the US dollar.
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