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Dec 11, 2003
You guessed it, I stole FH's idea. :evil:
I'll be back soon to add whatever I feel like.

Stress... what can I say, it sucks.

Face Down

I don't feel like trying
Too strung out
I'll take my second chance some other day
I don't feel like it now

So what if I hate myself
It's temporary
It'll go away
I'll be fine

Playing dead
Lying in bed face down
I'm too lame to move
Good for me


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Imagination is much better than reality.

Dear Dreamer

Dreamer... sweet dreamer
What vision can you see
When your body, mind, and soul
Is distant from reality?

Is your heart made out of armour?
Is your mouth made out of water?
In your dreams

Is your flesh made out of diamonds?
Does your back carry your body in the sky
With wings?

Who are you in the other life?
Is your lust in me?
If I'm perfect in your sleep
It's just not me...

Does he satisfy your hunger?
Does he rise above the water of the sea?
Does he know just what you want?
What does he believe?
What does he receive?
Is he anything like me?

Are you still imperfect beauty?
And if not, there's something missing
Do you need a man to tell you how beautiful you are?
For whom is your desire?
Do you need his protection?
Does it matter if he bleeds?

Who are you to fight for
If you don't need me?
Who are you to die for
If you don't need me?

Does love serve a purpose
In your imagination
If Utopia is fostered
And your will is completely free?

Are there bones within your body?
Do they heal or do they break?
Are they weak or strong?
Do you feel anything at all?

Are your eyes so brown and colored?
Do they tear? Do they roll?
What do they see?


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Hey,I have not issues with it.
I think everyone should have their own thread

And just incase anyone wonder, about 90% of my thread is me talking to myself, so don't let the number of replies look to great or anything.

I like the idea of attaching images.
I might have to start doing that mysel!
lol just kidding. I don't know what I could attach.....

Who are you to fight for
If you don't need me?
Who are you to die for
If you don't need me?

Does love serve a purpose
In your imagination
If Utopia is fostered
And your will is completely free?

Ahh..... it stings!!!!!
Wow...... i've been there......

Nice work!
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:up: Thanks.

I like images. They aren't really anything complicated, mainly inverting the colors and mystifying them somehow.
A Eulogy For My Grandfather

I know I posted this in ZC, but whatever. This thread feels rather empty without it.

A Eulogy For My Grandfather

My grandfather was always with us in his own unique way. While he wouldn’t talk your ear off, he always had a way with making his presence memorable. From my days of youth, when I knew very little to my days as a young man with limited time on my hands, he would let me know what was on his mind, whether it was casual teasing or how my car had been treating me. In other words, he never failed to show that he genuinely cared for my well-being.

My youth was filled with the fondest of memories, whether he was explaining the twisted humor of a gift card to me, or asking me if brown cows make chocolate milk. I can remember the times when grandpa would show off his latest remote control car, help my dad fix his snow blower, or help me put batteries in my latest hand held game. Part of my discovery of the outdoors began when he and my grandmother would take my brother and me to Salt Fork with their camper.

While the recent years of my life seem to revolve around school and work, I still cherished the times I could spend with this unique, but extraordinary man. As a young man who thought money grew on trees, I will never forget when he showed me his homemade boom box. This boom box was made in a time where they were not sold in stores, and yet he had what it took to build it all by himself.

It has been a tremendous blessing to know a man like my grandfather. He would always have a unique way of communicating his love and joy for me loud and clear. His self-motivation and witty sense of humor have inspired me to look up to him in every way.


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Very moving, sharing that with us all takes courage, there's plenty of damn good writing here aswell, just to let you know:wink:
Not sure this DOL thing is exactly reserved for art, but I screwed around with Paint Shop Pro 7 with the last picture, and I think I actually like this one a little more.


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Kill Or Be Killed

The sun stings
I hear a thud
The door breaks
I'm sweating blood
The gun, it fires
Like the 4th of July
The sand bastard yells,
"You're gonna die!"
Kill Or Be Killed

The time has come
For my assault
This casualty
Is not my fault
The bombings go off
I hear a scream
My friend and mentor
This is not a dream
Kill Or Be Killed

Whether or not we fight
People will die
These worlds collide
My only will is to stay alive
Nothing makes sense
I'm losing my friends
In the midst of it all
Nothing hurts like home
Kill Or Be Killed

Don't tell me I'm dying in vain
Don't tell me you feel my pain
No wonder the blood boils
No love from soil to soil
Kill Or Be Killed

Lover get ahold of yourself
Family get ahold of yourself
Country get ahold of yourself
World get ahold of yourself
Let me get ahold of myself
Kill Or Be Killed


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A little fun with Old English this time around.
...maybe it will be more soulful that way... :wink:

Thus I Suffer

Shall I suffer as thou
Endure thy misery
Thus we ought so much finer
Thou hath complete thee other half in me
For thou I shall bleed
Flog me as a dead horse
Be not thine steal my heart
Thee heart art not of coarse


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"Flog Me As A Dead Horse"

Love it, some fun with the Auld words indeed:wink:

Pythonesque humour now takes hold of me..........................................:huh:
Most days, I'd rather take physical pain than emotional pain. I guess that's the vague meaning.
Macfistowannabe said:
Most days, I'd rather take physical pain than emotional pain. I guess that's the vague meaning.

That I have to agree with, emotional pain lingers on in your mind and can be revisited, while everything physical always will pass you by including life itself, morbid but true unless you have faith
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