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Jun 22, 2000
put down some ideas here of whom you think should perhaps be accepted, who knows, maybe Elvis will take note.

my take:

1. Zooropamanda. No doubt. If Bebes a mod, so should this fine gal. You cant have one be a mod without the other, in my opinion. No offense to Bebe in any way, i think your doing a fantastic job, but I still think of you two as two peas in a pod.

2. Rougerum. Seriously. This guy always advocated proper post management, and i think he'd do a great job, besides he practically IS everyone here anyway. According to him anyway.

I say he should be considered if he cares to be.

3. U2LA. This dude is a great guy who is very mature and deserves just as much thought as the other 2 people. I think he'd do a great job.

So anyway, those are my three pics.

Who are yours?

-death bear
I vote for Jesus Christ.

I think he'll kick some serious ass in here.

He be, slapping down all the Rod Stewerts, and fornicating with the html.

"Mean old men
Took away my car
Those credit guys
Have got the power"
-Lady with the spinning head
Roguerum's usally pretty cool, but I think he's too vindictive and arrogant to be a mod. No offence, it's just the way I see things.

I think I'd make a fine mod, except that I'd be moving all the topics into the general discussion forum.
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